Тутта Ларсен рассказала «кровавую» историю,  связанную с ее сыном
In the new program, the presenter discusses the topic of the first teeth of the child.

Tutta Larsen with children

Photo: Press service of hit home with Larsen

Tutta Larsen shared their experiences and answered questions: when should the first teeth erupt? Do I need to use
to facilitate eruption of any special tools and painkillers?

“My experience
shows that even within a single family with all teeth can be very
differently, — tells tutta. — In Luke the first teeth appeared at 11 months
and was the process pretty hard. With Martha, they appeared generally imperceptible in
6 months. Vanya’s teeth erupted
quite early, at 5 months and crawled at once in pairs. With Anonymi first teeth
we had a “bloody history”. When he was teething, he continuously chewed toys and everything that came
in his way, even the edge of his wooden cot. And then one day, Vanya chewing on this side, and then I see that
a side and his chin bleeding. I
got scared and have painted the horrible picture. In fact
it turned out that in the process of eating a side
the film is torn between the tooth and the gum. At this point, of course,
spilled a little blood, but the tooth finally erupted. All of these examples I cite in order that we
understand how all children are different, and how different is this
process. Someone earlier, someone later, once more painful and
once generally unnoticed.”

Experts believe that
teeth sooner or later will come out themselves and panic on the subject is not necessary. If teething is very
painfully, the child does not sleep at night, you can use allowed
painkillers. Precautions should refer to the drugs that supposedly make it easier
teething and preparations with lidocaine. Other doctors advise parents after all
to pay attention to to the year the child has erupted teeth. To if years a single tooth of the child is not
appeared, it is best to contact your dentist and make sure that the child has the beginnings of baby teeth. Also
better to check with the pediatrician is there enough in the baby’s body of calcium and vitamin D.

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