Tutta Larsen said that two years did not give parents to sleep

Тутта Ларсен рассказала, что два года не давала родителям спать
The TV presenter was found out from the experts all about the babies sleep..

Tutta Larsen

Photo: Press service of tutta Larsen

Tutta Larsen discussed with the experts, it is better if a young child sleeping with the parents or separately. “Tell us about your
the experience, says of tutta. — Personally, I practice co-sleeping with a child, and my
children up to three years sleeping with us. No trouble it does not deliver, it
easier for me and the baby. The senior then calmly began to sleep every
in his room and problems in order to relocate the child was not. There is, of course, a lot of different opinions on
this reason, but in my life there was a story. My mother told me that
the first two years of life, I do not let her sleep. I slept, of course, separately
from his parents, dad was against the joint sleep with the child. So parents
just forgot what sleep is due to the fact that I cried all night long.
The only time I for two years, slept quietly and soundly, was it
then when I was sleeping together with parents, we spent the night at a party, and everyone had
to sleep together. My mother wouldn’t have suggested that co-sleeping is useful
the baby disrupts the parents much less than a baby crying all night. I
for its part, has taken note of this”.

Over the past 15
years has become a very popular method of Spanish Dr. Estivale . He is
the fact that you put the baby to bed and get out of the nursery. Child
of course, starts to cry, you let him yell for a minute and then
seem, soothe and leave again even at two minutes, then three.
They say that more than ten minutes is not required that the kid went to sleep, and sleep he
will be tight all night.

Some experts believe this method of laying the baby
sleeping draconian, and such child
sleep unhealthy. Psychologist says
parents that the baby can’t sleep all night because his nerve
the system is not functioning as the nervous system of the adult. Just need to accept that a little kid several times during the night will Wake up. Sleep cycle the baby in half to two times shorter
than adult people, and the volume
rapid, shallow sleep much more. That’s why little kids can
often Wake up at night. Other
experts believe that the child from an early age need to sleep
deep and alone all night. Anxieties
crowded not a child, and the mother, who does not allow him to separate and sleep on their own.

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