Тутта Ларсен потеряла ребенка, узнав об изменах мужа
The famous radio host hit home with Larsen three children grow up, Luke, Martha and John.

Тутта Ларсен потеряла ребенка, узнав об изменах мужа

Appeared, before the doctors talked about her inability to give birth, but when she got pregnant the last time she had to terminate the pregnancy. Yes, and a spouse who cheated on her, only aggravated the situation.

Тутта Ларсен потеряла ребенка, узнав об изменах мужа

“There was incompatible with life heart defect. I went to good expensive private clinics, I watched the lights of diagnostics, and at some point they started to behave strangely – began to call me for an ultrasound twice a week and collect some councils around me. Among themselves, whispering, and nobody’s telling me anything. I tensed, thinking: “I don’t like it all.

He had another woman, who lived practically on my bed. I came home with an UZI and shot up her hair with her pillow. This fact of his infidelity have eclipsed all thoughts about what is happening with the child. At some point, the child moved into the background, and I was so obsessed with the infidelity of her husband, I lived in this hell, from this, that he did not understand that losing a child,” recalls tutta.

Now, Larsen says that she then had to carry the baby, give birth, and then to bury, but due to family problems, she was unable to do so.

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