Tutta Larsen has lost a loved one

Тутта Ларсен потеряла близкого человека TV host buried his grandmother. At the farewell ceremony was attended by the son and daughter hit home with Larsen. The mother of three children shared with fans his grief and said heirs accepted this tragic news.

Famous TV presenter tutta Larsen published a post about the grandmother. Celebrity reported that the woman died at an advanced age.

“Today we buried great-grandmother Tanya. She was 87 years old, she lived a great wonderful life and left suddenly and painlessly in a clear mind, deeply loved by his family. She was able to make friends with kids. Luke and Martha for the first time today at the funeral”, – said the presenter.

Larsen added that during funeral son Luke was so tight, and his daughter Martha burst into tears and said at the grave of great-grandmother’s touching speech. According to the girl, the closest person will remain in her heart.

“Last night I discussed the issue with a psychologist, and we decided that this experience will be for the guys. I think the way it is. We are Christians, and for us, physical death is only the beginning of eternal life,” shared Larson.

According to the presenter, she wanted to convey to children that physical death is the beginning of spiritual life.

“And your children have accompanied their loved ones? How do you explain to them the issues of life and death?” asked tutta subscribers.

Users reacted ambiguously to the post of the presenter. Some subscribers objected to children saw the farewell to the dead. Others believe that the heirs can attend the funeral.

“Very sorry for your loss and very right and touching Your words!”, “No, I think children don’t need to know this!”, “The Kingdom of heaven is your Granny. A year ago my mom died, and daughter 10 and son 6, we told it like it is. But the little I did not want to take to the funeral, and the daughter decided she didn’t want to come with us”,- commented on the post Larsen subscribers.

TV presenter tutta Larsen has three children – Luke, Martha and Ivan. In his blog, the celebrity dispels the most common myths that often confront young parents. She tells on the Internet about the rules of raising children in the family. For example, the presenter is the enemy of artificial feeding of infants. Also, Larsen is confident that from the first hours of life the baby understands everything. The words hit home, parents should not be overly harsh to the heirs.

“In our family, we generally abandoned the concepts of “strictness and punishment,” – said the mother of many children.