Tutta Larsen admitted that the eldest son was born at her request

Тутта Ларсен призналась, что старший сын родился по ее просьбе
The TV presenter told how to calculate the gestational age and date of birth.

Tutta Larsen with Luke and Martha

Photo: Press service of tutta Larsen

to calculate the duration of pregnancy, calculate your due date and what to do if
the baby is not born in time?”, — these are important for a future mom
the issues discussed in the new program, tutta Larsen. The TV presenter admitted
her three children came into this world in different ways.

“Big Onion I asked him to come for four days
before, he obeyed and came, —
tutta says. — Martha set a date, and she was very punctual — was born right at the same day. But
Junior Ivan was born five days after the deadline! We joke that he waited until
the older children will go to rest at sea, and Mama would be entirely at his disposal.
As soon as we held the senior to rest, Vanya was born”.

experts believe that if the baby did not appear in time, but it is already full-term, his
it is quite possible to stimulate. Calculate estimated due date can
as follows: From first day of last menstrual period to count three months
ago and add seven days. The second way, if you know the date of conception. To add to the date of conception 38 weeks, and then
you can obtain an even more accurate date.
If the baby does not appear in the calculated period, it is necessary to distinguish between the two
different concepts: prolonged pregnancy prolonged and true. There
the situation when the pregnancy lasts longer than 40 weeks, but the fetus is not

In France until a full 42 weeks most of the doctors
do not worry, as the period of pregnancy and childbirth, a concept very
conditional. Some babies are born at 37 weeks, others need to be born in 42
weeks, the child will not be prolonged.

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