Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya lit at a social event with LEL and Cabo

Цымбалюк-Романовская зажгла на светском мероприятии с Лель и Кабо Ex-spouse of Armen Dzhigarkhanyan called for the celebration of the anniversary of a famous actress. Recently Olga Kabo turned 50 years old. She gathered friends and colleagues in one of Moscow restaurants.
Цымбалюк-Романовская зажгла на светском мероприятии с Лель и Кабо

On Sunday, the actress Olga Kabo was 50 years old. The star decided to make a big party and invited to a Banquet complex, is located on the Savvinskaya embankment in Moscow, friends, actors and singers. The evening program was very rich. During the official part the guests toasts in honor of the birthday girl. Near Cabo were her children, 19-year-old Teresa and 5-year-old Victor.

Katya LEL, Alice Khazanov and many others friend of the birthday girl were actively filming at the restaurant on a mobile phone. The singer came to the party with her husband and daughter. Special attention of attendees attracted Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya. She looked happy and his eyes literally glowed with happiness. Despite a bad breakup with Armen Dzhigarkhanyan, the pianist believes that soon all the hype will settle down.

In the life of Vitalina Tsymbalyuk-Romanovskaya has a new man

Katya LEL has shared Instagram videos dancing under incendiary hits. In one of the short clips you can see how much fun her daughter. In another, the singer and her husband posing for photographers. All guests of the anniversary of Guinea thanked the birthday girl for the cultural program.

“To live, love, create” is the motto of Olga Kabo, very sincere and loyal. And this has turned out her holiday. Have not seen such a truly sincere, kind, cheerful evenings, when every guest, he is a friend, feel long-awaited and desired”, – shared his impressions of familiar Cape Nara Shiralieva.

Among the guests you could see the legendary actors of Dmitry Haratyan and Alexander Domogarova. With the second of them LEL was photographed and the picture posted on a microblog. Users actively discussed the appearance of Alexander. Some noted that it has changed not for the better. Katya came to the defense of the artist.

“People, my dear! I beg you to treat every famous person in my account with respect! Look at yourself in the mirror, you are the ideal or are you getting younger and do not change with the years? Be kind and reasonable!”called LEL followers.

Cape argued that not looking at the numbers in the passport. “Age as such do not feel, just enjoying the taste of life. And I advise all the same age not to be ashamed of wrinkles, because they are our women’s history. Right was Oscar Wilde: “the Secret of remaining young is to avoid ugly emotions”. And I’d add – and thoughts. So I try to Wake up with a smile, and before going to sleep to thank God for the gift day,” shared Olga with “StarHit”.Olga Kabo: “Not shy of wrinkles»

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