Попробуй разорви! 4 ключевых критерия при выборе клеевого пистолета

According to experts, the most popular among the audience of the portal, E-catalog manufacturer of glue guns is the German brand Bosch. In the ranking of the most popular models of the leading glue gun Bosch PKP 18 E.

This model users find the optimal balance between price and quality.

And no wonder, because it is easy and convenient to operate, has a practical nozzle with heat insulation and protection against leakage of drops of glue. The case is made of termoustoytchiv material. And thanks to the special design of the nozzle of the glue gun easy to wield, even in hard to reach places.

Glue gun Bosch PKP 18 E allows you to quickly and easily glue different elements. The heated polymer is designed to work well with a wide variety of materials — wood, plastic, glass, leather, rubber, fabrics and even iron, the time of solidification does not exceed 2-3 minutes. If you are planning to buy a glue gun or some other tool, use the site E-Katalog.

If you are unsure what model to prefer, listen to the advice of experts of the portal.

1. Power

Consumed glue gun energy is spent for warming the heating element. Accordingly, the higher the capacity of the device, the faster it will melt adhesive composition.

Professional glue guns have a maximum power of 300 watts, a simple model is 30-200 watts.

At maximum power, the instrument runs a short time — the first 5-10 s after switching on. During this time, he manages to melt the polymer (some models handle for 0.25 s). To maintain the necessary temperature mode consumes 4-5 times less energy.

2. Performance

The performance of the device is how many grams of the adhesive solution comes out of it for a minute. Cheap glue guns have a capacity of 5-10 g/min, their advanced counterparts — about 30 g/min.

For construction works need a lot of glue, so the best choice would be a model with high performance. If you plan to use the gun for simple tasks (gluing the fabric/paper), to pay more makes no sense.

3. Temperature

Classic glue guns heat the glue the rods to approximately +180 °C (Bosch PKP 18 E up to +200 °C). It is noteworthy that the latter begins to melt already at +120 °C and the specified temperature regime only accelerates the process.

Not all materials can stand high temperatures. Therefore, for gluing paper, fabrics and some kinds of polymers are used in low-temperature rods, melting at +105 °C.

4. Food

Most glue guns operate only from the power supply. When purchasing them, be sure to consider the length of the cord. Much rarer the model, the heat chamber which works as a heat accumulator. The user can for 10-20 minutes to disable such a device from the network for working offline. There are on the market and model, only runs on batteries — for example, Bosch GluePen. Charge the lithium-ion battery lasts for several hours.

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