Troyanova, Bezrukov and beetles: stars who survived their children

Троянова, Безрукова и Жуков: звезды, которые пережили своих детей Celebrities have found the strength to continue working. Bezrukov and Troyanova lost adult sons, and beetles for a long time pleaded with the state-owned company that built the swing on the Playground, where he played his dead daughter.
Троянова, Безрукова и Жуков: звезды, которые пережили своих детей

There is nothing worse than outliving your child. However, many celebrities who had to bury their children, found the strength not to give up. Many of them took years to cope with the pain of loss, and some still can’t look at pictures with sons and daughters. The stars almost did not share such memories in an interview, as any conversation about the deceased children makes them suffer.

Yana Troyanova

The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova seems to be a strong woman. For her entire life, she had to endure many tests. The first marriage of the star with Constantine Shirinkina ended in divorce. Husband drank a lot, so life with him became for Yana to hell. In a relationship with her first husband she had a son Nicholas. Constantine died in 2004 from ulcers.

In high school the boy was a good student, played sports, however, after the family moved to another area of Yekaterinburg, he fell into bad company. Nick began to use drugs. Perhaps a banned substance was strongly influenced by his psyche. A young man committed suicide.

“Nick had hanged himself, said a relative Troyanova. – Sorry for him. But even more sorry for mother-in-law Jana Ludmila. Lost a son, a grandson, and now the second son Dylan gives room. Ve been in prison, money from home anymore. Recently released after a year of his release, and again took up the old. Drugs, alcohol”.

Troyanova prefers not to talk with reporters on this topic, as it is still not resigned to the loss of a child. 25 Sep Ian left the post on the page in a social network. “Happy birthday, son. Today you would be 27. But you made a different choice. Your choice. I have prayer. Fly. I’m sorry,” wrote the woman.

The star of the show Olga Yana Troyanova praying over dead son

Irina Bezrukova

Троянова, Безрукова и Жуков: звезды, которые пережили своих детей

Irina Bezrukova was left all alone after her son Andrei Livanov died in the apartment in 2015. The coroner ruled that the cause of death was trauma to the head. His body was found, emergency workers, revealed the door of the home. The young man was 25 years old. Star was very upset by the death of his son, the more the media put forward their own versions of the reasons for his departure from life. Someone thought that the death was due to the fact that he had used banned substances. Irina promised son to be happy again.

“Strive to instill in each day for more harmony, joy and love, and would like my son Andrew. I believe that to be happy is a conscious choice of the person. If you go back to the history of literature – people managed to be happy in the worst moments. Many, despite the difficulties and losses, it was possible to adequately transfer the blows of fate”, – told Irina in an interview after his son’s death.

Elena Zakharova

Elena Zakharova long told reporters, in 2011, her daughter died. The actress broke the silence in the television show “the Word”. The child died from a viral infection at the age of eight months. The actress turned to God to survive the incident.

“Faith. That faith has saved me! Yet family and friends helped, of course. Saved me the hope that we all someday will be together again, I’m going to see my daughter,” said Elena.

After the death of a child Zakharova has become much more likely to go to Church, take communion and confess. Few weeks Elena has returned to the set to distract from personal tragedy.

Andrey Razin

16-year-old son by producer Andrey Razin died in March of this year. Sasha walked with the girl in the center of Moscow. The boy had a heart attack. A passerby, who serendipitously happened to be a doctor, tried to give him first aid. The medic managed to restore the heart rhythm guy. However, on the way to the hospital, Sasha died.

“My pain of loss is unbearable,” wrote Razin after the death of his son.

The producer was trying to figure out how the young man could die so suddenly. Late poyavilasb information that the examination revealed the boy had a heart defect not previously diagnosed.

Andrey Razin has discovered the truth about sudden death of son

Roma Zhukov

The star of the 90s, the Roman Zhukov grieved at the death of five daughters of Elizabeth-Victoria. The child was walking at the Playground along with 13-year-old uncle Cyril and sister Pauline. The girl she stuck her head between the support and the moving part of the swing. Because of this incident, the girl suffered an open fracture of the skull. Despite the efforts of doctors, the baby died in intensive care.

Zhukov was confident, chto daughter died as on the platform stood a life-threatening swing. The singer prosecuted the district Council and engineering service. Despite all the lawsuits, the Novel failed to achieve complete victory.

Anton Lirnyk

Resident of Comedy Club for a long time concealed the tragedy that occurred in his family. At 22, Anton Lirnyk a daughter, Masha. When she was eight years old, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. In order to cure cancer and she had surgery. However, the child could not recover after surgery, therefore, she died shortly thereafter. For Anton and his wife Tatyana it was a heavy blow.

“There is no way to survive it. It’s impossible. It is impossible to survive. You can only get used to the idea. Well, somehow, she just needs ash to settle in his chest. And there is no other way, you never stop to think about it. The worst thing in this situation is to look for reasons. I am a long time, many years, tried to stop thinking about the fact that there is a reason. It doesn’t have a reason. The most important thing that should remember everyone who passes through this through this,” said Anton in “Frankly with Masha Efrosinina”.