Sofia Vergara's trouser ensembles are amazing The 50-year-old actress always thinks through her look.

Sofia Vergara trouser ensembles are amazing America's Got Talent Star Judges Look Like set out to impress the audience with the brightness of their images. At first, the unfading supermodel Heidi Klum staged a real erotic procession in a black bustier through the streets of Los Angeles. (see photo…)

And now Colombian actress Sofia Vergara has made Beverly Hills her catwalk.

Sofia Vergara's trouser ensembles are admirable

In an elegant acid trouser ensemble, the Modern Family star arrived at Il Pastaio restaurant.

Pant ensembles from Sofia Vergara are admirable

A bright lime shirt with a turn-down Italian collar and an original bag attracted a mile away look at the figure of the actress. And her tight green pants highlighted the graceful curves of her body.

Sofia Vergara's trouser ensembles evoke admiration

High heels to match the ensemble were barely visible under long, wide trousers, which would have begun to sweep the asphalt a little more.

Definitely, the first fashionistas of the America's Got Talent show love to be the center of attention. A few days earlier, Heidi Klum and Sofia Vergara had another duel for the best outfit, posing before the filming of their hit talent show.
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