Неприятности довели Ирину Агибалову до нервного срыва Famous thelebanese complained the fans in a series of setbacks. Garden Irina Agibalova suffered from strong winds. Ex-participant reality show “House-2” very upset and wants to get all the problems resolved themselves.

      Ex-participant reality show “House-2” Irina Agibalova shares with fans their experiences. Fans are watching with interest what is happening in the well-known family. Recently, Irina has seen a series of unpleasant events. Now thelebanese lives in his house in the suburbs, where she started a repair in the kitchen. Now she had to cope not only with the chaos in the room, but also on the plot.

      “After the terrible heavy storm with hail rain and storm all went dark. Our beautiful cherry just died. The huge tree seems to split in half and scattered in different directions. Ripped the metal structure of the canopy over the front porch, one willow fell. This is still something to notice. I have in my entire life, seen nothing like this! It was awful,” he shared with fans upset Agibalova.

      Fans were quick to comfort and reassure Irina Alexandrovna. They advised not to waste your nerves and accept the fact that have done element. “Irinochka A., darling, don’t worry! Of course, it is insulting to tears! But think about the fact that you have a wonderful family! All close, thank God, is healthy! You have the priceless treasure – a wonderful husband, children, grandchildren! Army of subscribers who are always ready to support you! Lean on the shoulder of her husband, weep, let it you regret it and go further! We love You very much!”, “Irina, it’s probably all give a leap year. You so do not worry much. Sorry, of course. I understand you perfectly,” supported by the fans of the famous former contestants of the reality show.

      Still Agibalova failed to restore electricity in the house. Not only that, due to renovations in the kitchen she has to cook in the yard, so now she had to do it over an open fire.

      Trouble unsettled us, famous telebasura. She decided not to keep a negative emotions.

      “I just today sat down and cried after seeing the destruction. I’m so tired, I do repairs and left just a week or two to complete, and you can go to relax before the beginning of the school year! And here we are again! Again to find someone else to fix it, again, costs, people, problems, time and nerves. I, of course, strong and positive, but sometimes I have my breakdowns, and I feel that all the problems for me were solved by magic,” complained Irina.

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