Trials in the life of Elena Zakharova: a bad breakup and the loss of a child

Испытания в жизни Елены Захаровой: тяжелые расставания и потеря ребенка On Thursday, a famous actress of theatre and cinema, celebrates his birthday. According to some reports, very soon the star will become a mother. Elena Zakharova was a long time for a baby and faced a number of difficulties along the way.
Испытания в жизни Елены Захаровой: тяжелые расставания и потеря ребенка

November 2, Elena Zakharova, turns 42. Now the star of TV series “Simple truth”, “kadetstvo” and “Love in a million” in the film “bad Teacher 2. Test”. Fans suggest that the actress is preparing to become a mother. The last time Elena tried not to appear at social events and closes the belly, posing for photographers. Rare photographs of Zakharova, who still appear in the Network, significant changes in the shape of a star. “StarHit” I remembered how long Zakharov walked to his happiness and why is afraid to jinx him.

A long way on the way to the dream

Celebrity repeatedly said that he dreams of her husband and child. Elena grew up in a happy full family and dream about the same idyll in relations with the chosen one. Parents stars met when the father of the actress was 27 years old, and the mother 18. Between young people immediately fell in love.

“I always dreamed about the baby. Don’t see motherhood no interference to any normal career or happy personal life. My mom had me at nineteen” – shared the actress.

The first time Zakharov fell in love when I was in high school. The object of adoration Helena was older than her by several years, and permanently spoiled the second half of flowers and other gifts. It seemed that they were made for each other. However, all ended when she enrolled in the University. The fact that the young man protested her acting career and put before a choice – either him or the theatrical Institute. Zakharova chose the Shchukin school.

Испытания в жизни Елены Захаровой: тяжелые расставания и потеря ребенка“Another thing that I have heard the same words a few years from a loved one, with whom I had it all very seriously. By about the fourth or fifth year of our marriage, I started talking about the future. But the reply was familiar: “Leave the profession, and we immediately get married. Actress good mother can not be. All this for what? You still have not achieved anything…”

Fans of the actress is also aware of its serious romance with businessman Yegor, whom the star met in the play “the wise man stumbles”. The actress and entrepreneur has brought a mutual friend. Elena met with Yegor about seven years. A quarrel between the lovers arose on the soil of the profession Zakharova. The man absolutely did not like that his other half pays a lot of time and work often goes on tour.

“I heard the familiar: “Leave the profession, and we immediately get married. Actress good mother can not be. All this for what? You still do not have…” – said the actress.

The last straw for Yegor was a trip to Helena to Japan. After that, they parted ways.

At a festival, the actress met with businessman Sergei Mamontov. They soon started Dating. Elena was crazy about his chosen. The woman felt she finally met the man who was sympathetic to her work. Roman and Sergei was preceded by several events which Elena gave a special meaning. A couple of years before Hobbies Mamontov celebrity went to Israel and prayed at the Wailing Wall. The woman wanted to find happiness in his personal life.

Испытания в жизни Елены Захаровой: тяжелые расставания и потеря ребенка“The most surprising, and rather unusual for me, was the fact that my companion was all arranged in my work and employment. He was not a recluse, happy to be out in public with me. Sergei took my rehearsal, and the need to go shooting and go on tour… turns out the feeling that you understand and do not make cautiously to take another job offer, for me is very important,” said the actress.

A painful breakup and the death of his daughter

Sergey and Elena did not hide his happiness. After some time, the star was pregnant. The actress started giving interviews about how she is preparing to become a mother. A couple was bombarded with congratulations. Many expected the Mammoths and Zakharova legalize their relationship.

Испытания в жизни Елены Захаровой: тяжелые расставания и потеря ребенка“Acquainted with Sergei, I realized that I wanted to be with him. For me almost from the first days of acquaintance it was obvious that all this seriously and thoroughly. I understood and felt that I wanted this man to have a family. So when I found out they’re expecting a child, was very excited and happy. Officially we are not yet husband and wife, but everyone understands that this is the formalities,” – said the actress.

During pregnancy Elena continued to lead an active lifestyle. The actress complained of discomfort and swelling. Zakharov continued to work until the sixth month. The woman was busy at the theater and played in the movie.

In February 2011, Elena and Sergei were born a daughter Anna-Maria. The star did not hide her child from the public and allowed us to publish his photographs in the media. It seemed that Zakharova has everything a woman needs. Fans wanted Elena and Sergey for a long life together and asked if they dream about another baby.

However, eight months after the birth of Anna Maria, an event occurred that forever changed the life of Zakharova. The heiress star died from an acute viral infection. Elena was beside herself with grief. The actress was very hard to accept the sudden death of a long-awaited child. Friends Zakharova did everything possible to help her to survive the misfortune. They tried to persuade her to leave the house and distract from heavy thoughts.

“We were house u mashenki high fever, we called the doctor. Came pay children’s first aid. Remember our mom dispute. She said, “let’s get free”. And I said, “No, I want the best.” The doctor paid the ambulance was given the wrong diagnosis. Since this all started, it was a starting point,” recalled the actress.
Испытания в жизни Елены Захаровой: тяжелые расставания и потеря ребенка

Only some time later, Zakharov found the strength to talk to about the tragedy. The chosen actress was also devastated. Sergey has decided to end his relationship with Elena. The star said that he loved the man and did not understand the motives of his action.

“He just said that we need to live separately, he said, so I gathered my things and left. Had a short conversation with his mother, who thought that I told you about our trouble reporters that I created scary stories around the hype information” – shared celebrity.

After parting with a lover, Elena continued to talk about him – Sergei appeared to her in dreams. The actress wanted to explain to the man and share with him their experiences. The decision of Sergey was a real blow for the star. Zakharova was hoping for a chance meeting with ex-lover. It happened in France. “We kind of messy talk. But nothing but pain, from that conversation I did not feel,” – said Elena.

Cope with grief actress helped faith in God. Zakharov believes that someday meet my daughter. After the tragedy, Elena started to attend Church, take communion and confess. In addition, the star plunged into the work. Shooting helped Zakharova to escape from oppressive feelings.

A new twist in the life of Helena

That Elena Zakharova plans to become a mother, say several months. The actress prefers to refrain from making any comments about it. Likely, the star is afraid to startle her happiness, which was given to her so easy. Zakharova had to pass a series of difficult trials, the most serious of which was the death of 8-month-old daughter.

According to some, the father of the child Helena is a businessman. We know the name of a possible lover of the actress, but it is presumably not free. Fans of the actress can only guess about how these conjectures are true.

Last week Elena appeared at a meeting of former students of the Shchukin school. The picture, which star are imprinted with a distinctly rounded belly, provoked heated debate on the Network. Fans started to congratulate the actress and wish her happiness in his personal life. Fans of Zakharova guess she is already on the seventh or eighth month of pregnancy.

Испытания в жизни Елены Захаровой: тяжелые расставания и потеря ребенка

Prepared on materials of “Express-Gazeta”, “Moscow 24”, “7 days”, Hello! and the magazine “Pregnancy and childbirth”.