Tretyakov said that could happen in her marriage with Tarasov

Третьяков рассказал, что могло случиться в ее браке с Тарасовым

Marriage Buzova and Tarasova bursting at the seams. Support Olga in a difficult moment arrived her best friend of Peter.

Marriage of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are on the verge of collapse. And though both did not comment on the situation, the actions of the spouses speak for themselves. Dmitry is already walking without a wedding ring, and Olga spends time in the company of best friends, which seems to be extremely rare. Friend Oli lives in St. Petersburg, the hometown of the host and see girls more often in the Northern capital, where Olga is coming for work or to visit relatives. In Moscow Olga she comes very rarely, except for jubilee star girlfriend or such magnificent celebrations. But under the circumstances she could not stay away and as soon as the opportunity came to support Buzova.

“My Cuss came” – signed a joint the leading “House-2” and said that a friend will be with her on the set all day.

Fans could not help but notice the tear-stained Oli’s eyes that she tried to hide with hair. Fans regretted televideo and wished her to gain strength and patience.

His version of discord in the family Buzova and Tarasova has nominated former beloved TV presenter, whom she met on the TV project “Dom-2”, Roman Tretyakov.

“It does not change. Fun, cool, but too fond of this game. At least we have been so, – Roman told reporters. — At some point the man just gets tired, he’ll get bored. Just wish there was a thinking, serious person. Unfortunately, she’s not. The reason for the divorce is always within marriage. At some point people just stop each other’s interest”.

As Roman noticed that she chooses the wrong men – quite rude, because they want their background to remain the air girl. According to the ex-lover, Buzova not like to decide anything, providing this opportunity to the man. But is it really such a bad thing?