Tree: “I consist of cosmetics, water, and seals”

Елка: «Я состою из косметики, воды и котиков»

The singer told, how to choose a lipstick, it refers to jokes about themselves and who wants to sing a duet.

Singer Liza Ivantsiv, better known as Tree, was the heroine of the show “OK!”, where live answered questions from users of social network “Odnoklassniki”. The singer told us, with some international artists she would like to record a duet, why is it annoying jokes about the Christmas tree and that she dreams of having her own beauty blog.

“I don’t have the perseverance and patience to make a video blog. But I literally consists of makeup water and the seals, – the singer admitted. Honestly, I sometimes manage to tear off any such things: for example, I all life searched for a red lipstick, perfect that she was so rich that my mouth was immediately dear that the white teeth from under the lip sticking out. To find a lipstick that she’ll like and that you don’t cheaper. Sometimes those things I want to share. The only thing I asked the male part of my readers: “You don’t mind, uncle mine?” Because girls like secrets. Uncle said, “You’re not the only soup out there.”

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About Christmas jokes

“The nickname Tree with me since I was 13. And these jokes with Christmas corporate events – “Tree on tree”, “Make a Tree”, “New year still a month, and already the Tree is” bothered me for so long that I have ceased to react to them”.

About the dream duet

“I’m still waiting for a call from Pharrell Williams which year. Except him, of course, a large number of artists with whom I would be very interesting to collaborate: both known and little known people, but very musical”.

About favorite rituals

“It’s very important to be quiet before going on stage to take a break. Usually, before any concert in the dressing room hell, fuss, fuss. Here we need to find some angle where it is possible to be alone with him, half an hour at least. I love to paint and ironed a dress. When stripped dress is my meditation. Nobody’s taking to do it, just for myself.”