Treatment on the Internet will become a reality

Лечение по интернету станет реальностью

Soon it will be legalized.

We all know that “to be treated on the Internet” is bad. And if you have health problems, it is necessary to run to the doctor, not to scour the vast world wide web, looking for answers to vital questions on dubious sites. But, apparently, soon it will be history.

Yesterday at the enlarged meeting of the Committee on information policy, information technologies and communications of the state Duma discussed a bill legalizing the treatment via the Internet. The document should define the scope of the use of information technology in health care.

Issues related to the practical application of this method of treatment will be specified at the level of regulation of the Ministry of health. In the near future he will determine the list of diseases that can be treated via the Internet. Over time, it is expected that this list will expand.

— In the bill it is necessary to pay attention to three main points. First, there must be enforced laws on personal data and take into account the provisions on confidentiality, – quotes the head of Committee on health protection state Duma Sergey Furgala the website MedikForum. — Secondly, it is necessary to prescribe that telemedicine is a medical service, was to understand the mechanism for its implementation and payment. Thirdly, we need to consider the responsibility of a specialist who will deal with these technologies.

So that online treatment soon will become a reality. And the patient, instead of going to distant lands in the hospital and shaking in a queue at the door to the office (it can be understood), will be able to get help on the Internet and not from the “experts” from the forums, and from the same doctor.

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