Трансгендер Кейтлин Дженнер лысеет

No matter how hard Kathleen Jenner to make himself a woman, from the physiological aspects that are unique to a particular floor her not to leave. Former Olympian Bruce Jenner, made a sex-change operation, is now fully strives to match its new I, however, nature takes its course and in a short time instead of a gorgeous head of hair on the head of hair practically does not remain. The fact that the 66-year-old Bruce’s balding and is every day becoming more apparent. The proof of this fact was provided by the paparazzi who shot a Jenner from behind. How sad for Caitlin that sounds, but it’s really so – a bald spot is growing.

However, the situation is not so critical and with proper care and attention to this problem, the process can be a bit slow. Otherwise, if the treatment does not give results, the wig has not been canceled.

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