Сменивший пол Андрей Пежич выходит замуж

Success in modeling male model Andrej Pejic has achieved in a male body but a female guise. The guy often invited to participate in the showings of women’s collections, and he sometimes did better than their colleagues of the opposite sex.

Andrew previously admitted that the male body is his burden, but because he wants to change what he doesn’t like and be a girl.

In 2014 was made a sex-change operation and Pejic has healed a new life.

“Sex change allowed me to begin to live real life and get closer to my innermost dreams. I want a beautiful wedding and amazing kids”, — said the model soon after the wedding.

It looks like Andrea’s dreams come true in the near future, because the girl made an offer hands and hearts and I think she said “Yes”.

The reason for these findings were the photos taken by the paparazzi, in which Pejic is pictured with an engagement ring on her ring finger.

The groom is the designer Rembrandt Duran.


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