Trainer Margarita Mamun was against her affair with a swimmer

Тренер Маргариты Мамун была против ее романа с пловцом Amina Zaripova told how to react to the young chosen one ward. According to the coach, first beloved Rita Alexander Sukhorukov she didn’t like she was worried when a gymnast went to a meeting with a guy.

      Margarita Mamun won at the Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro gold medal in the all-around. Confidence in the gymnast raised her coach Amina Zaripova. However, the deserved master of sports didn’t even dream that Rita will be able to take first place, as previously she made mistakes in one-round. When they announced the results Zaripova at first could not believe that gold went to her ward.

      According to the coach, the last time she was worried for the success of gymnasts, as she too was fascinated by the relationship with her boyfriend Alexander Sukhorukov. As between Mamoun and her mentor emerged and trusting almost family relationship, Amina torpedoed the appearance of the girl young man.

      “A few years ago, when he and Sasha met, I, like any mother, worried a lot and, frankly, jealous. Sought out Sasha something catchy, that there was a reason to explain to Rita that she doesn’t need. When Rita went to the meeting with Sasha, I just went crazy: where did she go, girl? But then he took himself in hand, saying it’s her life, let him do what he wants”, – said Zaripov.

      Amina remembered that she was faced with a similar situation when I was training with Irina Viner. She then started Dating her future husband, Alexei Kortnevym. Alexey Kortnev: “Close your eyes to the deception of children

      Margarita began to notice that her boyfriend doesn’t like the coach. “After a year, Rita suddenly said to me openly that she did not inherent: “you Know, Sasha you don’t like”. I was taken aback. It seems to be not allowed themselves to attacks against it,” said Amina, “Telenedelya”.

      Gradually, the teacher resigned to the fact that the gymnast fell in love with the cute swimmer. She even let Rita after the world Cup to the boyfriend, who at that time trained in the United States. Mamun meets Sukhorukov for three years. The young man supported his beloved at the Olympics: he watched her performance with the ribbon, because he like this kind of all-round. After the Games in an interview with the Russian swimmer said that he’s already thinking about marriage with Margaret, but the offer has not yet done. Judging by the pair of pages in social networks, they are happy with each other.