Tragically killed actor from the TV series “Fizruk”

Трагически погиб актер из сериала «Физрук»
Yegor Clineva death hit by a car.

Photo: still from the TV series “Fizruk”

Egor Linaeve was only 18 years old. A few months ago he got a driver’s license and was killed in a terrible accident.

On the night of September 27, the young actor was driving on the ring road. Apparently, in his eyes there was a car accident. One car overturned. Egor stopped to help the victims. Alas, the car that was driving behind him saw the accident and knocked three people. Of Elisha — to the death.

Konaev childhood was very creative. Sang in the group “Neposedy” for 4 years leading the program “Time into Space” on the channel “Carousel”. In 2012 participated in the reality show “School of music”. And then got into the movie. His first film was the “Mystery Yegor”. All the actor has appeared in 8 projects, including the third season of the series “Fizruk”. He played Nikita, the son of an oligarch who falls in love with the main character Sasha Mamaev.