Toto Cutugno was supposed to fly on the Tu-154 in Syria

Тото Кутуньо должен был лететь на Ту-154 в Сирию

Ministry of defence-owned Tu-154 crashed on the morning of 25 October over the Black sea, killing 92 people, including song and dance ensemble of the Alexandrov, Elizaveta Glinka (known as Dr. Lisa) and the three journalists of the Central TV channels. As it became known a few hours ago, with them was to fly and Italian singer and composer Toto Cutugno.

According to the website Oh, not an accident deprived us of that person. Toto changed his mind almost at the last moment and due to my busy work schedule refused.
“I’m shocked by this tragedy. A month ago they contacted me through my Manager invited me to travel to Syria for the performance on 29 December. I wanted to fly, but it’s the number I already had scheduled performances. Perhaps, fate so ordered.
I Express my condolences to the families of the victims. It was a wonderful people,” said Toto, and added that there were times with the ensemble.