Tori spelling showed the youngest son

Тори Спеллинг показала самого младшего сына

Actress tori spelling, star of TV series “Beverly hills 90210” and her large family took part in a photo shoot for the newspaper People, having exclusive rights to photographs of the actress and her family. The youngest member of the family, a boy named Bo Dean, was born just a month ago, and in interview magazine, the actress has once again stated that his appearance he saved them with Dean marriage.

Тори Спеллинг показала самого младшего сына
Two years ago Dean McDermott cheated on his wife with some canadian Ellen Goodhand. The man claimed mistress, that his family life is bursting at the seams, what with his wife they have constant trouble, and the intimate life he was about a year. Ellen did not understand the dates and map the birth of their youngest child, which occurred shortly before the adultery with her husband tori, but after a night of love went straight to journalists and the whole world said about the infidelity of Dean. He came to his wife to confess, but it was too late Spaulding filed for divorce.

Then there were the long months of work with a family therapist, tears of husband and wife in reality show “tori and Dean” and in the end Dean convinced the wife not divorced.
“While many tried to convince me that divorce is the right decision, but I responded that I love this man, no matter what, and if there was even the slightest chance to save the relationship, I would have held him best” — says the tories that difficult period.
The birth of the fifth child, this unexpected and unplanned, was for spouses is a symbol of new life.
“It took us time to rebuild our marriage. With the advent of the son in our lives had a new meaning, it’s like the birth of a child in a new relationship. I can’t imagine my life without Bo,” said tori.
Recall that in addition to five children born from the marriage with tori, Dean is also eighteen year old son Jack, which he seems to be completely forgotten. Alimony to his former wife Macdermott not paying for several months that made a woman will go to court. While baby-shower – celebrating the birth of a child, spouses cost forty thousand dollars.