Tori spelling has spent 40 thousand dollars on a baby shower

Тори Спеллинг потратила 40 тысяч долларов на бэйби шауэр

Pregnant tori spelling, who suffers from an acute shortage of money, was generous to the party in honor of their fifth child. It is reported that the star of the TV series “Beverly hills 90210” has spent no less than 40 thousand dollars. Sponsor of amusements became the grandmother of the baby, mother tori. Women previously a lot of arguing over million inheritance (we are talking about 600 million dollars) left behind by the late father of Snelling. Spouse took almost all the money for himself and the tories are left with nothing. The mother has repeatedly accused the daughter in the disaster, and considered him the cause of her financial troubles, but to slow down the actress is not going to.

Тори Спеллинг потратила 40 тысяч долларов на бэйби шауэр
Baby shower party in honor of the unborn son of tori and Dean McDermott was held on February 11 at a hotel in Bel air. The organization of the party was engaged in a widely known in narrow circles event agent, Mendy Weiss, and mother of tori, candy personally asked her about it.

Recall that last year began court session on the case owed by the couple spelling-McDermott Bank City National Bank 200 thousand dollars. It is unknown whether a mother who has hundreds of millions, his only daughter, but recently tori and her family moved to a bigger house. It also rents for them, the mother of the actress.
His greed of candy is not just due to the fact that the tories have to be kept in check, otherwise millions from her father there would be nothing left.