Tori spelling can’t leave Paris because of poor health

Тори Спеллинг не может покинуть Париж из-за плохого самочувствия

From the beautiful city of Paris just do not want to leave. Another thing, if you don’t leave his health permits. The famous actress and reality TV star tori spelling spends the spring days with her husband Dean McDermott and children in the city of love. The trip was a success, the actress even received a ring and a proposal of marriage from her husband, but the romantic mood ruined health Snelling.

Тори Спеллинг не может покинуть Париж из-за плохого самочувствия
As it became known to the media, the disease of Tory designated as bronchial pneumonia. She already went to the doctors, and they advised me to postpone the flight and not to risk the health. In February of this year tori has already had a strong migraine, but still took a chance on a long flight to Europe – is no reason to worry she was not.

By the way, then, in February, Dean suspected that wife’s migraines are not as serious as it all is, and that hospitalization is unnecessary. While Macdermott looked after children, tori was lying in bed. To be washes, she’s just tired after so many years of motherhood.
Here in Paris the couple, who last year survived the crisis in the relationship and almost divorced, has celebrated a decade of marriage. Apparently, their problems left behind, which can not but rejoice.

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