Tori Karasev was invited to take part in the show “the Voice”

Тори Карасевой предложили принять участие в шоу «Голос» Fans in awe of the vocal former member of telestroke. Karasev began to regularly upload videos to which it to echo a popular song, or performs works, which composed herself.
Тори Карасевой предложили принять участие в шоу «Голос»

The former participant “Houses-2” Tory Karaseva undertook the development of its microblog. The young woman graduated from GITIS and for many years pleases fans of the filming of the short videos that come in the framework of the project “the Butler Show”, as well as vocal.

The last time the tories have increasingly puts on the page in social network fragments with the songs. Among the works Karasev has a known composition, which she performs, as well as her original works. Users of “Instagram” came to the delight of her vocal. One of podeschi advised the tories to go on the project “the Voice”, which goes to the First channel.

“If only the jury,” – said Karasev.

We will remind, after a lull that lasted several months, tori has again appeared online to the delight of fans. The subscribers believe that it is necessary to start to gain money, speaking at the concert as she is very talented. However, women do not like the current show-business situation, therefore it does not seek to win the love of thousands of listeners.

“I’m doing everything correctly. Not criticizing anyone and be correct will not allow. I got enough offers that I was not satisfied. But in the tinsel, which is happening now on stage, do not consider it necessary to “boil”. I have my own path and truth, talent, education, professionalism, ambition. I never cave in under anybody not going,” said tori.

Karasev following the work of other contemporary artists. In particular, she notes that Olga Buzova, which today released a new video for “Hit parade”, perseveres success, although many believe that she sings badly. “It is long “settle in” and make money,” – said Karasev.

Most tori fans continue to speculate whether she is still together with Glory by Dvorackova. Itself eks-the participant “Houses-2” refuses to comment on relationship with well-known brunette. And surrounded by tories rumor has it that she broke off her relationship with a man.

“Now Victoria and Fame are not together. It also continues to rebuild the lost health and work, preparing a new musical material and deals with writing your own books,” said the other Karaseva.