Топ-модель Коко Роша: «Я расскажу, как выглядеть сексуально!»
The star included in the top thirty of the most beautiful, popular and highly paid beauties of the world.

Топ-модель Коко Роша: «Я расскажу, как выглядеть сексуально!»

Coco Rocha

Photo: Alan Gelati/Roberto Bravo

Coco Rocha is included in the thirty most beautiful, popular and highly paid models in the world. Star podiums said “7D” about a new business, little daughter and their beauty secrets by which every woman can be attractive and charming.

Canadian supermodel are often invited to the photo shoot: Coco like no other, is able to transform into a variety of images. So this time a famous jewelry brand Roberto Bravo that she has entrusted the advertising campaign for its new collection. The shooting took place in Paris. Coco had to play multiple roles: here she is a business lady, an office lady, strict and focused, but seductive beauty, luxury and elegant, can turn the head of any man. In between shots of the model gave an interview with “7D”.

Your incredible harmony can only envy. Play sports, go to the gym?

— Oh no, not engaged at all. (Laughs.) But I love dancing. Slow, fast… Try to dance all the time — every day.

— What makes your skin so refreshed and clean?

— My personal recipe: a lot of water and little sun! These are the two main rules to always look good. Noticed what my light skin? I never stay a long time in the sun. And if you get to the beach, then be sure to use sunscreen with the most powerful protection.

— Do you have a favorite face mask?

— No, I like to try different beauty products. In General, the best mask — normal washing.

— Did you follow any special diet?

— I think it is what is right now in a particular moment, for your well-being. Personally, I love salad greens, but also love hamburgers, I like spaghetti, and light smoothies, which are good to start your day. One of the most delicious, in my opinion, banana. I add the banana, yogurt, orange juice, avocado, spinach. Can put strawberries, cherries, blueberries.

Is this recipe similar to Breakfast!

— In fact, my favorite Breakfast is bacon and eggs and toast. (Laughs.) I like meat and sweets. All! Don’t forget, I have a small child. My daughter Yoni in March was only a year. I cook it and with it eat a variety of foods, like any mother.

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  • Топ-модель Коко Роша: «Я расскажу, как выглядеть сексуально!»
    Coco Rocha


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