TOP 5 most insane acts of the stars on the show “the Money or the shame”

ТОП-5 самых безумных поступков звезд на шоу «Деньги или позор»
What are ready to go the Russian star for money?

ТОП-5 самых безумных поступков звезд на шоу «Деньги или позор»

Timur Batrutdinov

Photo: courtesy of the organizers of the event

In the Christmas holidays channel ТНТ4 will make the audience
gift — From 6 to 14 January repeat of the wildest Comedy show “the Money or
shame”! Immediately after the season premiere of the popular project. Brazen leading uncle Victor checks whether
the stars of Russian show business are willing to laugh at themselves. They have a million
rubles in advance, but uncle Viti — hard joke on the Frank and
true details of their life. If
the guest becomes uncomfortable, he can click the stop button. Leading stop, but
take a million from the start a certain amount. We chose the 5 most insane
actions that the guests of the first season of the show “the Money or shame” and
kept his money.

Timur Batrutdinov
showed bare belly. The price of failure — 130 000 rubles

Experience of Timur in show business for more than 15 years, so to put
it in an awkward position is not so simple. But uncle Vito is still managed.
In one of his scandalous rubrics he showed Timur old pictures of
social networking. One of them he posed with a naked torso. Leading
invited the comedian to prove that over the last 10 years his figure practically
changed. To do that he had to take and undress at all in the Studio. “I
slightly recovered,” warned Timur, but still lifted his shirt. Under
it was a normal average male stomach — not full, but without
relief cubes.

Stas Yarushin
competed with the homeless. The price of failure is 300 000 rubles

Uncle Victor decided to test whether Stas can join
the way a drunkard. For this, he called the master of his craft, a homeless man Igor
Vetkin, that he was Stas competition. The competition was originally
unequal. Arosio had to play sober, and Igor already was in
the desired condition. Advantage like Vetkin – experience the alcoholic had
to do it myself. But to find fault with the game Stas uncle Victor couldn’t either. “Well, who am I
after that? A complete jerk!”, “What muck, this your jellied fish” —
these phrases both parties had to say in turn the maximum drunk
voice. As a result, uncle Vitya more convinced Stas.

Nastasya Samburski
fed the teacher with the palm of your hand. The price of failure — 250 000 rubles

Nastasya Samburski uncle Victor suggested to pass a test ”
stardom”. To be a star at 100%, she had to do something
star trick a choice. Was options “to beat the journalist”, “chat with
people”, “sitting in the jury with a sour face.” The actress chose the option “feed
the teacher with her hands”. Uncle Victor called an old teacher, and Nastasia gave marshmallows.
“Hello, Mary, Hello, dear!”, — greeted Nastassja teachers
and presented it with a marshmallow.

Miguel and uncle Victor

Miguel passed the drug test. The price of failure is 100 000 rubles

In the episode “Money or shame” in which the star guest was the mentor of the project “Dancing”, leading invented a special category “in Miguel?”. Uncle Victor the artist made during the program to be tested to check whether the entertainer uses illegal substances. Miguel himself claims that even refuses from alcohol: “I’m just fun!”. But the word in the show don’t trust anyone! But the results had to believe. In Miguel found nothing prohibited, which upset uncle Vitya. “Then it’s not interesting!” — he grumbled.

Catherine Barnabas slipped a paper bag. The price of failure — 200 000 rubles

From the first minute of the show uncle Victor was trying to get Catherine out of himself and touched her most hated subject. One of the headings he was completely devoted to jokes about her “jokes”. As evidence he showed the editions of the famous Comedy programs with the participation of Catherine allegedly imposed without laughter. And then asked Catherine to repeat the same jokes, but with a bag over his head to check whether funnier.

These stars have already made their choice to embarrass themselves or earn! In new releases — new and even more ridiculous provocations and harsh jokes from uncle Viti. The premiere of the second season of the show “the Money or the shame,” January 15 at 23:00 on channel ТНТ4.

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