Топ-3 бюджетных вытяжек для дома по версии Апорт

Hoods for the kitchen have long become a necessity, from these devices depends on the cleanliness and comfort. Is it possible to buy quality, but cheap hood and what are the selection criteria? The price comparison site SIC has submitted a rating.

Топ-3 бюджетных вытяжек для дома по версии Апорт

How to choose

Hoods vary in features designs:

  • Fitted with a comfortable hide technological elements. Placed in the closet. Negative: relatively high price.

  • Island — placed over the working surface of the plate, thereby more effectively involve evaporation.

  • Horizontal hanging is easily mounted to the wall, are relatively inexpensive.

  • Hanging vertical is mounted vertically, whereby at the forefront of the design, the second to practicality.

  • Dome — the most common, practical, functional. When choosing extracts, follow these criteria:

  • Power — required calculation performance for high efficiency.

  • Modes — removal, circulation.

  • Noise — high noise levels can make finding and working in the kitchen is unbearable.

  • Dimensions — the width of the device must be greater than or the same as the width of the plate.

  • Lighting — in some models, lighting is missing, but the light on the hood will make working in the kitchen more comfortable.

So, the Top 3 budget hoods for kitchen http://www.aport.ru.

Elikor Integra 60

Reliable model width 60 cm, capacity 400 cubic meters, with a sliding screen —more suitable for a small kitchen. Works in two ways: drainage and circulation. Single motor, mechanical control, illumination halogen lamps. Fan powered two degree of power. Noise level max 55 dB. Cons: simple design, noisy work. Price 3100-5000 R.

Топ-3 бюджетных вытяжек для дома по версии Апорт

Kronasteel Kamilla Sensor 600

Krona is a leading brand in sales of hoods in Russia. Embedded model width 60 cm, capacity 550 cubic meters — one of the best for kitchens in medium size. Works in two ways: drainage and circulation. Two motors, metal filters, touch control, timer. The two-lamp lighting (50 watts). In three fan degree of power. Cons: backlight is not economical, work noisy. Price from 6000 to 9000 R.

Топ-3 бюджетных вытяжек для дома по версии Апорт

Bosch DHL 545 S

Palestrina model with a width of 53 cm and a capacity of 500 cubic meters. — works on the principle of the exhaust air. Noise level dB 47-61. You can purchase additional item, with the possibility of circulation. Simple slide controls — rotary switches, three modes of speed. Nice lighting with two halogen lamps (20W). Engine one grease filter metal. The design is classic, easy to care for. Price within 9000 R.