Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать? Representatives of domestic show-business told to “StarHit” about the suffering and dissatisfaction. The top three sexiest men walked Alexei Vorobyov, Sergey Lazarev and Nikolay Baskov.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      Almost a month readers StarHit.ru choose from 50 handsome twenty finalists. Actors, singers, stage Directors that dream of millions of fans… But as it turned out, even for the most courageous appearance sometimes hides a little secret. Favorites rating told the “StarHit” about how to cope with the shortcomings.

      1 place – Alexey Vorobyov

      Was afraid of water.

      Childhood friends Alex loved to swim in the river. Sparrows and pined on the Bank alone was unable to stay on the water. And to overcome itself could not – afraid. “I knew the reasons for fear, admits to “StarHit” 28-year-old sparrows. – It appeared when I almost drowned during a swim with the guys. One, the eldest, saved me. All the others looked like I’m suffocating, I thought, kidding. I really almost drowned rescuer: clung to him – not allowed to swim. But the most terrible that day was different… Dad let me wear his expensive watch commander, but with the condition that the eyes are not lowered. And before you go into the water, brother reminded me, saying, “Take off that on the bottom is not pulled!” I put them in sandals, thinking no one sees. And someone apparently decided that sinking clock is not useful, and they were stolen… That’s bashing asked me then, father! Not to look “kind of crap is this”, began to learn to swim. Started in the bathroom, and then – already on the river. Now the water feel like a fish”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      2nd place – Sergey Lazarev

      Shy of his nose.

      This now 33-year-old singer is a recognized sex-symbol of Russian show business: athletic, stylish, charismatic and confident. In his youth as Lazarev has found many occasions to okomplicerat. “In 13 years I suddenly started to grow disproportionately the nose, – says Sergey “StarHit”. It’s like I’m Pinocchio, who regularly lies. Plus the body type was very thin, so against the background of the cheekbones, his nose stood out. It seemed to me that it’s only him and watch. Eventually I calmed down, mom explained that this is a transitional age when everyone is very sensitive about her appearance. It was the same with voice: on the phone I sometimes get confused with the girl so much he broke. It pissed me off balance even more. Just could not calm down and suddenly the tone and will remain so?.. Fortunately, managed to survive all the metamorphosis without depression and special tantrums”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      3 place – Nikolay Baskov

      Worried about completeness.

      The main natural blond Russian pop never complained about the lack of female attention. 39-year-old Nicholas from the age of three she sang and performed in the theatre and has always enjoyed popularity. But when at age 11 he fell in love with the first beauty class, she did not reciprocate. Basque long courted the girl, gave flowers, was the name of a movie, but… all in vain.

      “I turned for advice to friends,” recalls Nicholas. And, ” they explained, “you Know, nick, you’re not very athletic, and a bit overweight… And girls are susceptible to strapping boys!” I have a few days was very worried about this, but then told them what had happened to dad, and the next day he took me to the section navigation. For a year I managed to lose weight and obtain a second discharge away and left no trace! And about the passion I already forgot – fell in love with another”.
      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      4 place – Sergey Romanovich

      No growth left.

      The star of the film “Crew” are only acting profession helped to cope with the complex. “My childhood was stupid shyness due to the fact that I’m 165 cm, says “StarHit” 24-year-old Sergey. “I always tried to jump over your head. Like my hero Andrei from series “Olga” (released on TNT in September. – Approx. “StarHit”): he is about 19, and he’s trying to look cooler than it is. In my youth had a lot of Hobbies: football, swimming, karate, break dancing, KVN, glee club went. Two years was engaged in a circle at the theatre. Then he went to the actors began acting. Now, when I began to learn on the streets, invite the main roles, I realized it was not in vain! And height doesn’t matter!”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      5th place – Danila Kozlovsky

      Hated his voice.

      A couple of months ago, the 31-year-old actor received his first vocal award for concert show “Big dream of an ordinary man”, in which Daniel acted as a musical artist. “I always wanted to sing, but until recently, I just physically couldn’t bear the sound of his voice, especially on the record – says Kozlowski. – Going with friends, someone takes his guitar, all the bawl, and I hesitate. Karaoke persistently did not go because of this – and still don’t like him. Then again, hearing from loved ones that I have a pleasant tone, slowly started. In addition, Philip has largely helped to believe in themselves and to cope with the complex. Now I’m the first “singing” in the company”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      6th place – Philip

      Was nervous because of his style.

      Pop king it’s a package look gorgeous, buy the new fashion collections and set the tone. “But in school when I at first always show some foreign stuff – jeans, stylish sneakers, backpack, – in front of his classmates was very uncomfortable, says “StarHit” 49-year-old man. – But the parents to explain that I don’t want to accept the gift even worse. Always felt a Mama’s boy. Some boys from the class were jealous of me, was bullied, but I didn’t take their hurtful words to heart. Especially after a couple of months and the other guys parents bought the same thing.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      7 – T-Killah

      Panic at the height.

      When all the boys jumped in the garage, he was standing down, ashamed that he was scared: “Felt intimidated – all you can, but I can’t.” Sasha was determined to fight and not to be worse than others. Won myself last year when I shot a video with Vera Brezhneva. “We had to ride on the roof. Said, “don’t tell Vera, but I’m finished.” And here, look, Brezhnev climbs the stairs. My heart did not stop – says “StarHit” 27-year-old. – Rose too, all pale in half an hour, surprisingly, relieved. Understand that the experience must “let go”. So I went up once a week on the observation deck, and eventually even jumped from a bungee! I’m free!”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      8th place – Nikita Panfilov

      Was afraid of girls.

      Who became famous in 2003, thanks to the TV series “Poor Nastya” actor Nikita Panfilov recently gained popularity, having played a heartthrob in “the Sweet life”. Today, the star – brutal handsome with a height of 190 cm, a favorite of thousands of girls. But, it turns out that in the childhood of the future celebrity was a lot of cockroaches in my head about your own irresistibility. “I felt small, ugly, ugly, – says 37-year-old Nikita. – Because of this terribly shy, afraid to approach the girls I liked. School discos were always a torment for me – I’m looking down, standing at the wall, blushed and hesitated, but could not bring myself to dance with someone of the classmates. This continued until the Institute, when grown up, self-esteem has improved.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      9th place – Vladimir Yaglych

      Feared injuries.

      Last year, the actor proposed to participate in the lessons of extreme motocross. “I will not deny, doubt, will, tortured,” says 33-year-old Aglic. Even for me, an experienced rider, training with elements of acrobatics and obstacles was a minimum threat. In the end, it turned out that I can! Moreover, when the training came to an end, so I caught the adrenaline that I wanted to repeat traveled again and again.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      10th place – Dima Bilan

      Suffered from injustice.

      Singer Dima Bilan in the childhood spoiled life a heightened sense of justice. “This complex I had since second grade,” says 34-year-old musician. – Remember, I was excused from class for and passed the call, the understudy who was at the other end of the corridor. And now it is pushed by some bully, and the ear caught me! The teacher led the way to the head teacher and made a reprimand. It was very disappointing, because I’m not guilty, and to prove it failed!”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      11th place – Vladimir Mashkov

      Did not get to army.

      The actor from school decided that he will definitely go to serve. However, to the place he never made it – the behavior disappoint. “My father told me that he was taken off the train for a brawl – had an argument with a warrant officer – says the son of 52-year-old Mashkov Andrei. – Of course, he’s worried about this. In front of the boys was awkward. And when I told her I was going to go to the army, fully supported my decision. The whole year is regularly called in part, interested in, proud.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      12th place – Egor Krid

      Shy famous girlfriend.

      The 22-year-old boy has always been high – girls chose status. One of these was the singer Nyusha. But creed was still little known, preferred to hide this relationship, so as not to harm reputation. After learning about the affair, the fans can believe that he is PR. “I did it all myself,” says the singer. And of course, I didn’t want to cheat on my brush with celebrity. We had a relationship that I’m not flaunted, they knew only the closest. But now I don’t know how to love each other, and at social gatherings to pretend do not know. This story ended for me, I am very grateful for the experience”. Egor Krid not to forget an affair with Jane

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      13th place – Michael Porechenkov

      Suffered from “star disease”.

      One of the most brutal men of the Russian movie I am sure that the conceit of celebrities may turn to alcohol, drugs, refusal to work. Now Porechenkov considers himself simple and pleasant, but once in his life has been a difficult period. “This illness has destroyed me to pieces. At some point I realized that crazy self-importance, ” admits 47-year-old Michael. – Took myself in hand and stopped. The feeling of awakening was like the condition of the smoker who says goodbye to a bad habit”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      14th place – Daniel Fears

      The feared criticism of his wife.

      Daniel always asks his wife Mary ” to come to the performances with his participation, to objectively assess the work and to point out shortcomings. Her opinions he feared most of all, every time trembling and thinking, what she would say. And collected the movies in which he played, and then reviewed, analyzed, and how it was better to submit a character. Often dissatisfied. “15 years ago these doubts were so many that needed kakayato additional support to yourself to say, “Dan! You’re normal! You got it!” – says 40-year-old Fears. Absolute confidence is not so far… And thank God. If it was, perhaps, meant that it was time to leave the stage and sit at home.”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      15th place – Valery Meladze

      Shunned father.

      The artist grew up in a musical family – my family was always singing. And this fact made him ashamed of… their own dad. “On weekends we usually visited Pioneer Park in Batumi,” recalls 51-year-old artist. – My mom dressed us in the best, and we went to eat ice cream. While walking through the Park, dad was always singing. Brother Bones was terribly ashamed of it, because everyone else was paying attention to us… But dad was unfazed. When he grew up, of course, understood that in vain so worried”.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      16 place Ivan Urgant

      Was nervous because of the famous name.

      38-year-old host of “Evening Urgant” – from a long line of celebrities, his grandmother, father and mother – famous actors. “When Ivan was growing up, he was not easy to be son of his parents and grandson of the eminent Nina Urgant, says a family friend Alexander. – Everything from the cradle taught: you can do it, corresponds to owny family! Remember, as a teenager, working as a leading vbdocman the club, he took the pseudonym Jean-Michel, so no one poked a finger. But Ivan is not only disgraced his family,but, frankly, outdid all the relatives on the level of popularity!”

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      17th place – Anton Belyaev

      Shy of the head shape.

      The leader Therr Maitz recognized that many of their shortcomings have always tried to be condescending – some fought, some took as an integral part of yourself. “Since the school was terribly worried that I’m a wimp,” says 36-year-old Anton. – Only thinking about how to gain weight. When I quit Smoking, somewhere in the 22-23 years, wish. Year was happy with the weight, and then I realized – I’m fat. I also do not like the shape of the head. Don’t know what’s wrong with her. But there’s nothing to do – where to put it. Friends and acquaintances, for example, constantly plagued with questions like: “Hey man, what’s with the eyes?” – they didn’t like my bruises, I thought that I dabble in some supremancy. The yield was found – became to wear glasses.

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      18th place – Stas Kostyushkin

      Was the weakest in the class.

      It’s hard to believe the owner of chic shapes, the leader of the group A-Dessa, a child looked absolutely defenseless. “I couldn’t never catch up, push-UPS,” says 44-year-old Stas. – Fold even in front of girls!” While friends of the future showman and trained hard in the gym, he learned to play the piano. “Of course, this is all very frustrating, I was afraid someone bullies me, sooner or later will break – recognized Kostyushkin. – But quickly realized that you have to be friends with them than actually do. But one day I was not saved and I still got a beating from the boys in the yard. Then I realized: it’s time to deal with them. Went to judo and had visited him in over five years. After a couple of years my finger to touch one could not – everyone in the neighborhood knew Kostyushkin was a good soldier”. Stas Kostyushkin in childhood advertised clothes

      Топ-20 самых сексуальных мужчин: что заставляло звезд комплексовать?

      19th place – Konstantin Kryukov

      Afraid lot there.

      The star of the film “9 Rota”, 31-year-old Konstantin Kryukov, admits that in his childhood he was not a complex – it grew relaxed and courageous child. “But recently I noticed that makes me to be ashamed of… food,” admits Constantine. – Coming up with friends in a restaurant, I often feel nervous when I realize that my order for lunch was the biggest in the whole company at the table. But this feeling passes quickly, as soon as the first fork of pasta is in my mouth!”

      20 – Fedor Bondarchuk

      Complexed because of the age of the father.

      The Director was late: when he was born, her father was 47, mum – 42. “My parents had a big age difference, but notice it I did not immediately start,” says 49-year-old Bondarchuk. – When dad came to pick me up from kindergarten, all gray, friends asked me: “Is that your grandfather?” And I was hurt. When the same question I heard at school, thinking: perhaps I have something wrong compared to other families. Sometimes, in adulthood, I even mom jokingly called.

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