Топ-10 интервью участников всех сезонов «Битвы экстрасенсов» The TNT channel will be called in today’s broadcast “the battle of psychics” the name of the winner. “StarHit” decided to recall the most impressive participants whom managed to talk for several years of the project.
Топ-10 интервью участников всех сезонов «Битвы экстрасенсов»

The most mysterious show on Russian television “battle of the psychics” regularly collects at screens of thousands of viewers who are watching the testing of psychics, magicians and witches from different cities and even countries. “StarHit” several times and spoke with the finalists and participants of the seasons, so I decided to assemble a vivid interview.

Victoria Raydos

Famous psychic gave an interview which was very candid. The witch said “StarHit” why relatives are afraid of her abilities, and who helps her to overcome all the trials. At the moment Raydos is preparing for the replenishment of the family.

Victoria Raydos: “the Husband ceased to be surprised when, at six in the morning I go to the cemetery”

Marilyn Kerro

Топ-10 интервью участников всех сезонов «Битвы экстрасенсов»

Estonian witch explained why she did not grieve that it is the third time became the winner of the show. It was not afraid of condemnation from viewers or caustic remarks of other participants of the project. “StarHit” was able to talk with a girl and learn how it was made the decision on the return transfer, as well as why she broke up with Alexander Sheps.

Marilyn Kerro: “I went to the “Battle of psychics” not to win”

Hope Shevchenko

The witch of St. Petersburg, who took third place in the final of last season’s project, arranges individual sessions and helping people, bringing good luck in business. Nadezhda Eduardovna told how he overcame alcohol addiction and found a common language with children.

Hope Shevchenko: “After “the battle of psychics” I want to run away from yourself”

Swami Dashi

The magician refused to communicate with journalists, however, were Frank in one of the episodes of. The winner of the 17th season of “Battle of psychics” told, as was his life. Mystique had to deal with the death of her mother, which changed his perception of the world. Swami confesses that after a time he realized that people need to learn to let go.

Swami Dasha of practices: “I Have under the hands of dying people”

Darius Voskoboeva

Топ-10 интервью участников всех сезонов «Битвы экстрасенсов»

The witch is in the coven Natalia Panteeva, where he is engaged in one of the areas of Eastern magic. In an exclusive interview with Darius told me about the love potions, the genetic code and conversations with the dead. The woman made an impression on viewers project their abilities, but also a stylish way.

Finalist of the “battle of the psychics” Daria Voskoboeva: “Children are proud of me.”

Constantine Hecate

Топ-10 интервью участников всех сезонов «Битвы экстрасенсов»

The winner of the project shared with “StarHit” the details of his personal life and feelings about work. Constantine Hecate managed to win the favor of many women and demonstrate on tests of their gift, but at age 17 he experienced a disappointment in love, and later encountered difficulties in relations with colleagues.

Participant of “Battle of psychics” Konstantin Hecate: “I believe ill person”

Sonia Egorova

Топ-10 интервью участников всех сезонов «Битвы экстрасенсов»

The girl decided to go on the project after he underwent a serious operation. Sonia admitted that he literally felt the approaching death. According to a clairvoyant, the incident dramatically changed her attitude towards people. Yegorov told “StarHit” why does the spell and how it responds to criticism.

Participant of “Battle of psychics” Sonia Egorova: “the Doctors told me I barely survived”

Marina Zueva

Топ-10 интервью участников всех сезонов «Битвы экстрасенсов»

The participant of the most mystical show on channel TNT have shared, why not make predictions native. Marina Zueva lives in Portugal and is helping people. As she says the woman, sometimes she even acts as a psychologist for the customers.

The witch of “the battle of psychics” Marina Zueva: “you Know the date of his death, but I don’t want to think about it”

Alexander Kirinov

Finalist transmission wants to earn on the apartment. Alexander Kirinov in the near future wants to get married. A young man helps people and not take money for their services, but I’m glad of gratitude.

The tarragon from “the battle of psychics” Alexander Kirinov: “not afraid of Death, fear for loved ones”

Jean Alibekov

A psychic works together with his sister Dana. The man told about the affair with Masha Malinovskaya. Member of the popular magical show on TNT admitted that he is friends with many figures of show business. According to him, they are more likely to need the sessions of psychics than others. He looks philosophically at life and prefers not to hurt people.

Participant of “Battle of psychics” Jean Alibekov: “On the Hill I was left with good memories”