Топ-10 лучших сериалов за историю СТС

How many times have we laughed at the jokes of “My fair nanny”, moved over the girl wunderkind Galina Sergeyevna, and as in hockey, after “Youth”-that we are willing to judge, but let us out on the ice. The editors of Woman’s Day remembered the best TV shows of STS.

“My fair nanny”

1 /4Во full screen

Release year: 2004-2009

Starring: Anastasiya Zavorotnyuk, Sergei Zhigunov, Olga Prokofeva

What’s this show about?

Actions are developed in Moscow. Bright 30-year-old girl from Mariupol dreams of a luxurious life and a successful marriage (of course, because most of her friends already povyskakivali married, and for millionaires!). But all that finds the Vic, is the work of a babysitter in the home of Maxim Shatalin, a famous producer, having three children.

It relieves Shatalina part of worries, but adds a new one. It did not care about the fact that her little ward kissing behind the curtain with a visiting waiter. And then in the dust, arguing with a colleague of max – Jeanne.

A joke from the show:

— Mom, I’m getting married. He was a Frenchman.

— I thought you would encourage domestic producers.

Series, see videomore

“Daddy’s girls”

1 /4Во full screen

Year of release: 2007-2013

Starring: Nonna Grishaeva, Andrey Leonov, Elizabeth Arzamasova, Darya Melnikova

What’s this show about?

Therapist Sergey Vasnetsov helps people cope with the problems but doesn’t notice as trouble engulfed him. From his wife left him, leaving five daughters.

But no – that’s crazy! The first fashionista, the second – better, third – neformalka, fourth – athlete, and the fifth is tiny button. All very noisy. And no one knows how to clean and cook! Seems, the doctor himself, staring into space soon will need professional help…

A joke from the show:

— What is growing on the tree?

Part of the needles.

Sausage and cucumbers do not grow…

— What kind of sausage?!!

— Well, I just accidentally thought about her…


1 /4Во full screen

Release year: 2009-2016

Starring: Ekaterina Volkova, George Dronov, S. Doinikov

What’s this show about?

Everyday problems a scale of the universe, when they take the older generation. And who knows? Voronin.

The main characters – prima, his wife Faith and their three adorable children – are forced to live next to their parents Bones. And it’s still all right… But both apartments are connected by a common balcony, and free access to the territory of the newlyweds parents have always.

A joke from the show:

— You said Fillet and Kira? I barely put.

“Nothing in particular. I told them that if they will make noise and disturb me to watch hockey, it’ll be Baba Yaga and cut off their leg to jelly!

— What are you, crazy? They huddled in a corner, when I went to him a story to read.

Because similar!

Watch the series on videomore


1 /4Во full screen

Year: 2006-2007

Starring: Aristarchus of wines, Boris korchevnikov, Alexander Golovin

What’s this show about?

The main characters – fourteen-year-old boys who are studying at the Suvorov military school. Someone of the guys continues the tradition of his family, someone thinks is the meaning of life and has high ideology, and someone who came to this school against his will.

They get to know each other, find mutual friends, having real friends. Fall in love, not only to peers but also their teachers.

A joke from the show:

— Girl is beautiful?


— How even it looks?

— Well, how-how? Well, she has eyes, hair…

Yeah, and probably two hands on the sides hang. Super! I already have his love!


1 /4Во full screen

Release year: 2008-2010

Starring: Maria Bersenev, Oleg Maslennikov-Voitov, Anna Mikhailovskaya

What’s this show about?

Igor Rebrov (gosh) – editor of the successful glossy men’s magazine. Even though he considers himself the chief editor of women’s hearts. The fair sex he wins with astonishing ease. However, on the morning even the name beauties can not remember. But things change: one of his “victims” comes up with quite a sophisticated plan of revenge and goes to the witch. The next morning, Ghosh wakes up and discovers that he became a woman.

Under the name of Margarita Ghosh arranged to work in his own journal. Then he has to learn what women envy and harassment by men.

A joke from the movie:

— You didn’t even give me mouth open!

— Do not lie, you it fifteen times opened.

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