Toni Braxton posed as a wild cat at Cosmoprof 2022 Singer of the hit “Un-Break My Heart” 'decided to become a 'predator'.

Toni Braxton posed as a wild cat at an exhibition Cosmoprof 2022 American singer Toni Braxton visited the leading exhibition Cosmoprof 2022 in Las Vegas.
The winner of seven Grammy awards has chosen an interesting image of a “predator woman” for herself. The leopard print dress looked very impressive on the swarthy skin of a luxurious African American. as a wild cat at Cosmoprof 2022″ />

Animal style, one might say, is timeless. Leopard motifs and colors of other cats were originally used to denote power, independence and confidence. Leopards have long been considered fierce and very hardy animals. People felt this and wanted to correlate these qualities with themselves.

Even in ancient Egypt, the goddess of wisdom Seshat was depicted on frescoes in the skin of a leopard or cheetah. In the 18th and 19th centuries, leopard fur became a symbol of wealth and status.
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