Томми Ли женился на Бриттани Фурлан

Brittany Furlan is known for her more humorous video on the closed platform, Vine and instagram has shared with fans the news that will marry the ex-husband of Pamela Anderson Tommy Lee. Despite the recent scandal, Tommy’s son and he feels happy, because the married 31-year-old beauty. The newly minted couple shared photos from the ceremony.

To bring the wedding vows the couple decided on the background of arches, strewn with rose petals. They did it not in formal attire, and simple dressing-gowns and Slippers. The Furlan noted that this is the best day in her life. The wedding ceremony was held in the hotel “Beverly hills”, where the pair enjoyed the stay.

Recall that among 55-year-old Tommy Lee and his 21-year-old son Brandon was skirmish, and not only in words. The son raised his hand to the father, and so much that Tommy was in need of medical care. He was hospitalized the same night in which the incident occurred.

To hide from the public act of the son of a musician and shared a photo of a beating in his blog. “My heart is broken. You can give your children everything that they want, but it can turn against you. Good job, Brandon! A wonderful son!” — angry artist. However, after some time, Tommy thought better of it and deleted the photo along with the comment that accompanied it.

The son claims that his father was drunk, and made the blow was in self defense. In response to the words of Brandon, Tommy Lee tweeted, “I was in bed with his bride, when my son burst into the room and attacked me. I asked him to leave my house, and it hit me. Then he ran from the police,” the musician wrote.

Journalists People managed to catch the frame in the history of instagram musician, which shows the room of his son in a mess.