Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Tom Jones (real name Thomas Jones Woodward) is a British artist whose stability of their stage image. Without changing appearance, Jones has achieved popularity in different genres and styles of music. In his repertoire are songs seemingly incompatible in one artist genres: rhythm and Blues, soul, pop-rock, country, techno, dance. Each of them turned to the stage in a show. Tom Jones commander of the Order of the British Empire for services to the state, the title of “Best singer-1999”. Despite its venerable age, the interest in this charismatic man from the audience is not falling today. In 2012, Jones sat in a chair mentor, the British version of the show “the Voice” and made it not in vain, aspiring actors could learn from the legends of British music.

Biography and personal life of Tom Jones

Biography and personal life of Tom Jones is the story of a man in music and music in man. Tom Jones born 7 June 1940 in Pontypridd (Wales). His career as a singer started in the Church choir. While in high school he became a soloist of the school choir. And as a teenager became a drummer and backing vocalist of local little-known rock band.

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Tom Jones in his youth

In 1956, Jones graduated from high school and plunged headlong into the maelstrom of love. His choice was Melinda Trenchard, who studied with him in the same school. A year later, it was Jones official wife and bore him a son Brand. After the birth of the son of the Jones you have for some time to forget music and to accept any job to feed his family.

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

In this difficult time for him, he worked as a Builder, sewed the gloves and sold appliances. While completely abandon the music he could not. Tired, exhausted after a hard day at work, he took to the stage of local clubs and as if nothing had happened played hits for the audience. During one of these performances he was noticed by producer Gordon mills, who saw in Jones the highlight of which for a long time after did not want to ignore his colleagues and the record of the organization. With much effort, the producer managed to conclude a deal with Decca Records to record their debut songs Jones. However, the first pancake came out lumpy and composition have remained virtually unnoticed by the public. But mills did not give up and at the second attempt he managed to glorify the name of Tom Jones.

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

The second single of the artist It’s Not Unusual” in no time became a hit. The next step taken mills truly can be called a genius, a song Jones becomes the soundtrack for the film of the series James Bond, terribly popular at the time. We are talking about the movie “Thunderball”. Another story of James bond was a huge success, and with it across the country sounded and the name Tom Jones.

A song for the film “Thunderball” Jones was awarded the prize “Grammy”. Thus, in 70-e years of the last century was the peak of popularity of the artist — the constant touring, millions of fans around the world, his own TV show — all this is given to Jones very easily.

1986 was a turning point in the fate of Jones. His longtime producer, friend Gordon mills died of cancer. Sam Jones was a brilliant artist. But never delved in the organization of concerts, recording, etc. Therefore, after the death of a man who did everything that Jones just felt comfortable on stage and doing what he likes, he lost, among other stars of the time. But to save the situation came from the son of John — mark. With his name linked with the second wave of popularity of Tom Jones in the ‘ 90s and 2000s. the Song “Sex Bomb” is recognized by experts as one of the most popular and well-known in the entire history of the music industry. In addition, Jones at this time appearing in films (Mars attacks!, dir. Tim Burton).

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Today, Tom Jones is not so actively touring the world, most of the time in USA, but occasionally gets out on a world tour, and in 2012 became a mentor to the British version of the show “the Voice.”

Family and children Tom Jones

Family and children Tom Jones — it’s a fortress which the artist carefully built life. Despite suddenly fell down on his fame, Jones has managed to remain faithful to the woman. Which gave my heart in 1956. Melinda Trenchard was the only woman in the life of Jones. Bore him a son Mark, who played a significant role in the musical career of his father. Unfortunately in 2016 Melinda did not. Jones was terribly lost and immersed himself in creativity. Stepping onto the stage he forgot about all the problems, to give the listener 100% every time. The energy emanating from the actor continues to amaze today. Largely optimistic artist give grandchildren, Alexander and Emma.

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Getting back to basics, it should be said that Thomas Jones was born in an ordinary family, his father were miners, and her mother a housewife.

Son Of Tom Jones, Mark

Son of Tom Jones — and mark — the producer of his own father in 1986, has amazing organizational skills. After he began producing his father, his songs were again to occupy the top lines of the charts, and Tom Jones once again forgot about the burden of their creativity and immersed himself in the music.

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Photo: Tom Jones with his son

Sorry about the son of Jones, the marches are known not so much. In addition to his father he has several commercial projects in music, he is married and has two children. Mark has become a real support for the aged Tom Jones. Thanks son today Tom Jones looks much younger than his real age.

The Tom Jones Wife Melinda

The Tom Jones wife Melinda rose Woodward was the only close woman in the artist’s life. In a happy marriage with her Jones spent 59 years. Their acquaintance was held in the school at the age of 12 years. A few years later, Tom realized that he fell in love and upon graduation made the girl a proposal which she gladly accepted.

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Young Tom Joes wife

For all the time of married life the couple had not been implicated in any scandal. Despite the fact that the media was actively rumors about podcasti Jones on young beautiful girls. Melinda rose Woodward — truly a wise woman. Managed to become a mainstay for artists in difficult times, lead to its popularity. Jones thanked her for their loyalty. In 2016 Melinda rose Woodward died after a long struggle with cancer.

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Tom Jones and wife Melinda

Instagram and Wikipedia Tom Jones

The Internet is Instagram and Wikipedia Tom Jones. On the official pages of the singer have information about his life and career, his discography and filmography, interesting facts of life.

		Том Джонс личная жизнь (жена, дети)

Tom Jones now

Instagram in the artist’s largely historical photos. However, sometimes they appear and photos with new concerts. On instagram Jones signed about 120 thousand people. In addition, John is a fairly active user of social networks Facebook and Twitter. It certainly commands respect, because not every media person at the age of 78 years ready to learn new technologies and to interact with fans through the Internet.

Interview with Tom Jones

In 2011 Tom Jones gave a concert in St. Petersburg in the round “Praise & Blame”. At that time, the singer gave an interview OpenSpace.ru.

− I heard that you wanted to continue the line started on “Praise & Blame”.

Yes. We have already signed up again with producer Ethan Johns. Now I just got to mix, to link, albums we will publish next year.

− And what kind of things you sing?

Songs of famous authors − Paul Simon, Mickey Newbury, Bob Dylan. But not obvious songs, not the most popular. Those that we love.

— Recorded as well – on film, with the sound engineer in the same room?

− Yes, absolutely. In the same Studio of Peter Gabriel’s Real World, in the same room as two years ago. We have only the rhythm section has changed. Well, took the vocals and stuff, but I recorded live, Ethan played guitar.

− They say that your album is roots music took many by surprise, but I think you have already prepared the audience for such writing to this album with pianist Jools Holland.

− Well, no, Jules we are on most of the tracks he worked together with his group Rhythm and Blues Orchestra. We’ve done things for a long time know the ones I sang on his TV show Later… with Jools Holland. It was just to record them. And in “Praise & Blame” I’m a song never sung. The same applies to yet-unreleased album.

− They say that in 1995 you were trying to make a rhythm-and-Blues drive in new York, which never came. Probably, it will publish now?

— Yes, it’s R’n’b and soul: Joe Tex, Otis Redding — these authors. I did it for Interscope Records. They then said that it sounds too authentic, too authentic, not modern, out of this time. So I don’t know whether he’ll make it someday.

— What do you think of “Praise & Blame” after a year and a half after the concerts? The new songs fit?

— Yes, we constantly play. I think that in Petersburg something to be addressed. The concert consists of tracks from the previous album “24 Hours”, “Praise & Blame” and, of course, past hits: “Delilah”, “She’s a lady” and so on. Very good mix of material recorded over the years. Oh, and the song that Holland did, “St. James Infirmary Blues”, we also sing. And they are all well combined.

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