Том Хиддлстон заменит Келвина Харриса в рекламе нижнего белья Armani

Dislike Calvin Harris to Tom Hiddleston every day should increase exponentially. Not only that, a British actor, roughly speaking, took the girl musician, as he also coveted the project, which had previously been occupied by the DJ.

We are talking about shooting for the advertising campaign underwear brand Emporio Armani.

As far as known to the press, a contract musician with the fashion house recently completed its action, so now the boss brand has formed a question whether to leave the 32-year-old Harris “face” of the linen, or to give a chance to be in this role yourself to someone else.

In fairness, we note that the Hiddleston is not the only one who applies for this role. The list of potential candidates also appear on Joe Jonas, Chris pine and Liam Hemsworth.

Recall, Calvin Harris began their collaboration with Armani 2014 and after shooting a few campaigns decided to stop working with the brand — decision, as reported by insiders, was mutual and friendly, and now Armani is looking for “fresh talent”.

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