Tom Hiddleston offended and refused the role of James bond

Тома Хиддлстона обидели и отказали в роли Джеймса Бонда

For many months the producers of “James bond” trying to determine the fate of this franchise. The creators want to continue to make films about the British superspy, which has no equal and I wish the main role again to see Daniel Craig. But Craig himself refuses to return to the franchise. Convince Daniel to once again become agent 007 couldn’t even fees in the amount of $ 100 million.

Because the producers had no other choice as to start looking for another Brit who would fit in perfectly in the image. The role of bond was intended for the star mini-series “the Night clerk” Tom Hiddleston.

A fan of the actors were incredibly happy about this, because he believed that he is the same James bond charm. But in the end the candidacy of Hiddleston were rejected with the phrase, which sounds almost insulting. Tom called it “complacent and insufficiently courageous.” Not the last role in the rejection of the role played by Volume and reputation, which was tarnished a strange love affair with Taylor swift.

The creators of the franchise will now have to persuade Daniel Craig to return to his role. Will they be able to do predict is that no one is taken. And the British media, meanwhile, has hastened with the announcement of the happy news and said that Craig said Yes and supposedly, the shooting should start later in the fall premiere, however, the British media have set for the second half of 2018.