Том Хиддлстон готов пожертвовать своей карьерой ради Тэйлор Свифт

All say what they have in PR, and they have a large and bright feelings. Tom Hiddleston, the real contender for the role of special agent 007 James bond, ready to abandon the coveted role for a relationship with country singer Taylor swift.

Recently, in light of the scandal with Kanye West Taylor has a lot of opponents and a PR is not needed the producers of James bond. A source close to Tom said that he has several times hinted at the need to get rid of his new passion. Supposedly the reputation of swift today – not the best, and in his best interests to find another girl. But Tom was adamant, and ready to abandon the role, which had long dreamed of.
“Tom’s inner circle pushing him to breakup with Taylor, since the role of James bond may be good for the career of Hiddleston, but he is not going to do that. Tom just does not believe that his relationship with swift could affect its role,” said the insider.
Tom recently travelled to Australia to take a new tape and at the airport, next to him there was markedly swift. Some have even suggested that he deliberately took her with him, but it isn’t Taylor is just completing buying a house in Beverly hills where they, presumably, will be to live with Tom.

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