Tom Hiddleston found a replacement for Taylor swift

Том Хиддлстон нашел замену Тейлор Свифт

Novel of Tom Hiddleston and Taylor swift did not affect it in a positive way. Star mini-series “the Night guy” was accused of that relationship with the singer was his publicity stunt in order to gain even more fans, including us.

Anyway, the novel (real or not) was the place to be, but now Tom and Taylor live separate lives, like, never met each other.

Swift is still in search of the perfect companion, but Hiddleston already has his eye on a new girl.

Том Хиддлстон нашел замену Тейлор Свифт

Recently the actor was seen walking with an unknown blonde. According to rumors, the girl colleague of Hiddleston for UNICEF. As we know, Tom is an Ambassador for the organization for the protection of children’s rights and assistance in emergency situations. Reporters noted that the appearance of the girl combines features like the ex-girlfriend of Tom swift and supermodel, recently became a mom for the first time – candice Swanepoel. By the way, immediately after breaking up with Taylor, That was attributed to the flirt with the star of the series “Base Quantico” by Priyanka Chopra.

What do you think, who looks better next to the British actor?