Том Хиддлстон может стать новым Джеймсом Бондом

Tom Hiddleston

Fans of Daniel Craig are already no more illusions: after the release of the film “007: SPECTRUM” (the Spectre), the actor stated that he’s unlikely to return to the James bond marathon because of work on a new series, and invited the producers to start to look for a replacement. Now the fans are wondering who will get the iconic role. Among the contenders for the James bond people, and recently in joined the race and Tom Hiddleston: actor stated that he would not mind to play agent of Her Majesty.

I’m a huge fan of James bond. When we were filming “king Kong: skull Island (Kong: Skull Island) in Hawaii, the entire crew went to see “007: SPECTRUM”. That was amazing! I like these films all: music, characters, imagery. If that ever happens, it will be an incredible opportunity for me. I understand that the role is physically demanding, but I try to take things easy not going,

– jokingly said Hiddleston in an interview with the Sunday Times. By the way, it seems that the actor has already begun preparing for the role – with the help of the current work: he plays a spy in the TV series “Night administrator” (The Night Manager).

Том Хиддлстон может стать новым Джеймсом Бондом

Note that the rate of bookmakers on the chances Tom to get the role – 10 to 1, and while Hiddleston is only the sixth place in the list of favorites. In the first place – Tom hardy, on the second – Idris Elba, and the third is Damian Lewis. Among other potential Bond – Aidan Turner, best known for the trilogy “the Hobbit” (The Hobbit), and “Superman” Henry Cavill.

Том Хиддлстон может стать новым Джеймсом Бондом
Daniel Craig

If Tom Hiddleston for the role of James bond?

Better than the previous actors in this role anyway, nobody will

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