Tom Hiddleston commented on the rumors about the filming of the James Bond films

Том Хиддлстон прокомментировал слухи о съемках в Бондиане

British actor Daniel Craig recently refused an unbelievable deal at $ 100 million for shooting two films “James bond”.

Now the creators of the continuation of the franchise about the adventures of James bond faces a difficult task – to pick for the vacant position such as 007 the actor, who did not inferior to its predecessor not only in the physical preparation and estate to wear the classic costumes, but in the charm and charisma.

Until the producers make a list of who could go “the bond”, fans of history have already decided that the new hero fighters should be Tom Hiddleston.

Journalists appealed to the star universe with a request to comment on its possible future designation.

That’s what Hiddleston said about his involvement and “bond”: “I don’t know anything, because to me, this one did not. As far as I know, this position is not exempt”.

“For me it’s very difficult because everybody has his own very strong opinion about bond and about who needs him to play. My name is just an idea in the minds of others, which turned into something stunning. Not in my power to stop these rumors, but I’d like to have had the opportunity to convince everyone that all this is for me the same news as you”.

Note that in the near future That will take part in the filming of the new “Thor” with the subtitle “Ragnarok”. The film is due out in November 2017.

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