Том Харди снова станет отцом!
Actor’s wife is expecting a child.

Tom hardy and Charlotte Riley


Tom hardy, the star of the movie “Mad Max: fury Road,” the popular series “Sharp
visors” and many other projects, prepared for the completion of your family. According to foreign media reports, his wife, actress Charlotte Riley, is expecting a child.

reportedly, Charlotte is already in the second trimester of pregnancy. In any
the event, at the premiere of Swimming With Men involving Riley, she appeared
in a very loose, layered dress, completely concealing it is usually very
a slender figure. The couple already have one child. In October 2015 they have become
parents of their first child. However, the name of his son, the couple is still kept secret.

Tom and his wife generally managed to earn the reputation
Prime “conspirators”. In interviews, they fundamentally shrink from
questions about his family life. Moreover, Tom and Charlotte, who began
Dating in 2009, after being met on the set of the movie “Wuthering
pass”, managed to hide even his own wedding.

That in July 2014, they were married in the old Church
18th century in the South of France and marked the occasion with close friends and family in
the estate of château de Russan, became known only a few months later. And the first
pregnancy Charlotte, the couple managed to keep secret almost until the birth. So
the emergence of Riley’s already huge belly in less than a month before the birth of her
the son was a complete surprise for the audience.

Recall that except the son of Charlotte, Tom has another child, 4 – year old
son Louis, whom she gave birth ex-girlfriend hardy – Rachel AIDS. And Riley copes with the role of stepmother of the boy.