Том Харди сделает тату в честь Ди Каприо

It turns out that colleagues in the movie “the Survivors” signed the dispute about nominations on “Oscar”. Hardy lost, but to fulfill the conditions won’t…

While the world argued, will get DiCaprio long-awaited “Oscar” for “Survivors” or not, the actor himself, too, as it turned out, I bet. Of course, not relative to itself. It was about his colleague for the film Tome hardy. About that Fact slip in a recent interview.

Hardy appeared on the cover of the new issue of Esquire magazine. The photos taken for the material, the artist is posing Topless, showing off numerous tattoos. And in an interview Tom said that in the future his body needs to decorate another tattoo dedicated to Leonardo DiCaprio. Though this is not happy…

The fact that Tom promised Leo to get a tattoo if you lose a dispute with him. They argued about whether hardy is nominated on “Oscar” for best supporting actor. Leo believed it, but Sam hardy – no. The result is nominated, he still was, though the award was never received.

If you lose That promised to do any tattoo that will tell you DiCaprio.

“I have not yet filled it because it sucks. DiCaprio just wrote normal letters “Leo knows everything.” But I agreed to a normal tattoo”, – said the actor.

Yes, the situation is difficult. On the one hand, a deal’s a deal. On the other, it says do will look strange against the background of other paintings, which adorned Tom. We offer you to start making new bets: will be decided after all hardy for this tattoo or not?