Том Харди станет Аль Капоне

British actor Tom hardy is not exchanged for second-rate projects and if makes a decision about filming a particular movie, then he is bound to succeed.

Previously, hardy was already tried on on the screen images of the real bandits, who kept at Bay the entire city (for example, the film “Legend”). Now That need similar work.

The Briton will become the most famous gangster of the last century, al Capone.

Tom hardy was starring in a new project Director Josh Trunk title”, Font”.

It is noted that this film needs to revive the Trunk in the eyes of colleagues after the failure of the new “Fantastic four”.

Reference: Alphonse Capone is a ruthless businessman who illegally sold alcohol during prohibition in the USA in the 1930-ies. He managed to hold in his fist and fear throughout Chicago. But special agent Eliot Nessa managed to send him to eleven years in prison. During this time, dementia damaged mind Capone, and a past full of terrible memories, has become a nightmare.