Tom hardy has lost beloved dog

Том Харди потерял любимую собаку

Hollywood actor Tom hardy loves their four-legged Pets, and like everyone, losing a close friend, now the artist is very difficult after six months illness died his dog woody (Woodstock). Upset That he shared his grief on his page on the social network Tumblr.

Том Харди потерял любимую собаку
“He was an angel, was my best friend. We’ve shared so much together. Charlotte constantly engaged with him. and he loved it as children love their mother” — wrote That and added that during his short dog’s life Woodstock many times participated in photo shoots and took the 73 place in the list of most influential animals according to the publication Time.
Hardy met woody when he was already an adult dog. The actor accidentally saw the dog running down the road, and getting from passing cars. That whistle stopped the dog and called to him. Since then they never parted, and Woodstock became part of the family of the artist.

Woodstock has died at the age of six, still quite a young dog.
“I and my family devastated from this loss. He was our best friend, a pet, whom can only dream of, part of our hearts and souls. Thank you, woody, that he stayed with us at least a little. We will always love you and will never forget. see you in heaven,” wrote Tom.