Tom hardy caught the theft of a moped in London

Том Харди поймал угонщика мопеда в Лондоне

Tom hardy, British actor and star of the TV series “Taboo”, is not only in the tabloids, but the criminal chronicle. Fortunately, in the face of the hero-Saviour. According to the Sun, the actor personally arrested the offender, who was hiding on a stolen moped.

The incident occurred in Richmond, in South-Western part of the British capital, home to Tom. About the incident became known from the mouth of an eyewitness, a certain Arun Pullen. According to him, That person chased the thief is a teenager. He lost control and crashed into a car then tried to escape, but there it was: Tom caught up with him and even checked the documents, until the police arrived. The guy looked shocked. A meeting with hardy, he obviously did not expect (probably, felt in the film).
“Tom hardy is better not to communicate” — said the eyewitness.