Том Хэнкс снова станет капитаном

Tom Hanks in the movie, is no stranger to take responsibility for other people. That only is an amazing actor in the movie “Captain Phillips”, “Spy bridge”, the Miracle on the Hudson”.

Today it was announced that Hanks will again have to show these qualities.

For once the military drama “the Greyhound. It is noteworthy that in this project That acts not only as an actor – he plays the personnel officer during the Second world war to assume command of the destroyer “Greyhound”, but also undertake the production of the picture. By the way, the screenplay was also the work of Hanks.

Project Director Aaron Schneider (“Bury me alive”). On the painting also operates Hanks’ Playtone Pictures, and financing deals with FilmNation.

Release date of “Greyhound” in the car are not yet assigned.