Tom Hanks or bill Murray? Network argue, who is in the photo

Том Хэнкс или Билл Мюррей? В сети спорят, кто на фото

The Internet erupted serious dispute over the picture published in social networks three years ago.

All I remember in the beginning of 2015 in social networks were arguing about what color dress white and gold or blue and black. After a year and half in network users are again divided into two camps. The reason for that was the published in the blog ReasonsMySonCry on Facebook far in 2013. The photo shows a child, a woman and a crying man, like two Hollywood actors: Tom Hanks and bill Murray.

What do you think, who is in the photo?

  • Tom Hanks
  • Bill Murray

Social media users were delighted with the photos of three years ago and started arguing about who is actually depicted in the picture. Under the original post says the name of the actor. The air force even conducted a special investigation and find out which of these two actors was in the city where the photo was taken in 2013. it appeared to be bill Murray.

And Yes, we also thought it was Tom Hanks.