Том Хэнкс подумывает о разводе с женой, с которой прожил 30 лет

Hollywood actor Tom Hanks was there with his wife Rita Wilson when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. He tried to support his wife, encouraged and gave hope for the future. Now, it seems, that future may not be.

The journalists of the National Enquirer shocked the statement that Hanks and Wilson are on the verge of divorce and now as close as ever to go our separate ways.

Tom and Rita had lived together for 30 years, during this time become as one of the most solid couples in Hollywood. To this Union were born sons, Truman and Chester. By the way, Chester can be indirectly considered guilty of divorce.

The fact that Tom and Rita were constantly fighting on the soil of the problem son. As you know, Chet was previously addicted to drugs, and for the last couple of years the situation has only worsened and even out of control.

Tom and Rita, it became clear that urgent intervention was needed to save his son. But the couple had different views on methods of education: Tom believed that it is necessary to exercise the utmost severity against the son, and Rita felt sorry for him.

Against the background of problems with my son and his illness, Rita was very irritable, which negatively affected the relationship of the couple.

Insiders report that now that the situation more or less stabilized (referring to the treatment of my son from drugs and the wife’s struggle with cancer), Tom decided to live separately, to make a final decision about her marriage.

I hope the pair still manage to save the marriage.

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