Том Хэнкс осиротел The mother of Hollywood actor died at the age of 84 years. Tom Hanks announced the sad news on his page on “Facebook”. Now both parents of the artist is no longer alive. The father of the stars died more than twenty years ago.

      Том Хэнкс осиротел

      Tom Hanks has shared with fans the sad news. Eve at the age of 84 years has died the mother of the famous Hollywood actor. Janet Marilyn Frager did not on 12 July. The actor, who recently celebrated their 60th anniversary, may never recover from grief. His father died in 1992 and mother all these years was for the son of the loved one.

      On his page on “Facebook” Oscar-winning actor wrote a touching message, which was devoted to his mother. He published a photo of Janet in his youth and made a sentimental signature. “Who is this beauty? My mother, ” said Hanks. — She helped change so many lives. A lot of lives. Today we said goodbye to her. Rest in peace, mom.”

      Tom’s wife Rita Wilson is also dedicated to the memory of Janet touching message. “This beautiful lady gave birth to my husband and three children, wrote the woman. — Thank her for something that brought forth my love. Now she rests in peace.”

      Том Хэнкс осиротел

      Recall that the family of Tom Hanks only recently come relative calm. At the end of last year found the actor’s son Chet, who had previously mysteriously disappeared. 25-year-old young man always gets in the various unpleasant stories. He arranges fights in night clubs, maybe even smash a hotel room. Blame bad habit boys – Odd publicly admitted addiction to drugs. However, the son Hanks said he was on a better path.

      When Odd finally showed up, he left an emotional video message on his page in Instagram. “I would like to clarify the situation, because my name is often glimpsed in the media, they say that I disappeared, or kidnapped me… So, I was in rehab,” said the son of Hanks. I tried to collect myself and I was able to do it. You know what I mean?”

      Mysterious missing son of Tom Hanks found

      It should be noted that parents were not angry with the Couple. They try to support him in difficult situation and to give him an incentive to recover. Fortunately, the young man returned to his family and started a new life. And could go very far. “I was selling cocaine and was sniffing it so much, that he could not breathe through the nose,” admitted Chet. There is nothing outstanding in that every day you get to prison or death.”

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