Tom Hanks in the trailer for “Inferno” explores the mask of Dante Alighieri

Том Хэнкс в трейлере «Инферно» исследует маску Данте Алигьери

Professor Robert Langdon once again takes on the case.

Columbia Pictures brings to the big screen is another creation of writer Dan brown. This time the novel “Inferno”.

The plot of a detective Thriller, “Inferno,” Robert Langdon wakes up in a hospital in Florence and did not remember the events of the last days. It soon turns out that his life was in danger to escape, the Professor teams up with Dr. Sienna Brooks in the hope that it will help him to recover memories and stop inspired by the Italian poet Dante madman who is about to infect the whole world with the plague.

A colleague of Hanks on the project was the star of “the Universe Stephen Hawking” 31-year-old felicity Jones. Director’s chair took Ron Howard. In an interview about the future of film kinosaal said: “In this painting I wanted to combine actors of different nationalities. I think because of this the film is filled with enormous energy. Professor Robert Langdon have to make high rates, it will be subject to enormous threat, but will still try to prevent it.”

In addition to Hanks and Jones in the film appears Omar C (“1+1”), Irfan Khan, SIDS Babette Knudsen.

The premiere will take place on 14 October 2016, but now that we have the opportunity to watch the future movie trailer:

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