Том Хэнкс в первом трейлере «Салли»

The hero is not one who walks with a mountain of muscle, and the one who is in a desperate situation, when everything seemed to be condemned to death, saved hundreds of lives. So for American citizens became a pilot Chelsea Sullenberger.

“Sully,” as he was called by the people, became famous for his incredible piloting skills. In 2009 Chelsea have made your next flight. Almost having reached the place of arrival, the aircraft collided with a flock of birds. This collision could be fatal, because in a moment in flight we lost both engines.

Assessing the scale of the disaster, Sullenberger, however, took itself in hands and has somehow landed the plane on the surface of the Hudson.

The special value of action “Sully” acquire not only because he was able to deploy the aircraft with an inoperative engine and full fuel tanks over the city, but also because a water landing was so soft that not one passenger was not injured. And on the mountain-Board were 155.

Of course, Sullenberger became a hero not only at home but also abroad. And the story of that flight was the basis of the plot of the new film company Warner Bros.

The Director of the movie was Clint Eastwood. But the main role is played by the star of “Forrest Gump” and “the Green mile” Tom Hanks.

Shooting “Sally” has already ended. Film premiere is planned for September this year.

Recall, a few years ago the theme of master piloting was already mentioned by Director Robert Zemeckis. In the movie “the Crew” kinosaal told the story of an experienced pilot wil of Waitakere who narrowly escapes crash, and makes an emergency landing, saving the lives of almost all passengers.

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