Tom Ford has revealed why he quit drinking

Tom Ford has revealed why he quit drinking

Designer openly talked about struggling with addiction.

Few stars can openly admit their weaknesses. Among Hollywood celebrities such honesty is different, for example, Lady Gaga, who admits that for many years on antidepressants. About the same problem recently told Amanda Seyfried. Now Tom Ford has decided to show the world their skeletons in the closet.

55-year-old American designer and Director in an interview with Out magazine, which put Ford on the cover and dubbed him artist of the year, suddenly decided to openly talk about how he struggled with alcoholism.

“I had terrible trouble with alcohol. I wasn’t allowed to be with Jack (son of Tom Ford and his husband Richard Buckley, who was born 23 November 2012. — Approx. WDay) in this condition. I once dropped it from the stairs and accidentally burned with a cigarette. I always passionately wanted to have children. But I could not think that fatherhood is so difficult,” – said the designer to the journalist.

Tom told about how his passion for alcohol knows no bounds, that 15 years ago he could not control the amount of alcohol consumed. However, son Jack, according to Tom, and gave him the impetus to begin the fight against addiction. This struggle has given the designer a hard time. In the same interview, Ford admitted that he has repeatedly thought about suicide. However, for 4-year-old son he continued to fight.

“I always wanted to have children. When you become a parent, you are depriving yourself of the right to kill yourself. And I understand why most people have children between 20 and 30 years: Jack has now become severe when I wore him in my arms, injured my back,” added the designer.